The collateral events of Vinòforum 2020 not to be missed

At vinòforum 2020 not only wine: the unmissable events with coffee, food and cigars paired with spirits and wines.

The new edition of Vinòforum 2020 is not only based on wine and good food , from 11 to 20 September at the Tor di Quinto park in Rome. Alongside the proposals of over 600 wineries and 31 chefs with their own temporary restaurants, there are also some free tastings , which combine cigars with wines and spirits , but also coffee and food revolution .

The combinations of the cigar

Every evening , at stand 1 , the Amici del Toscano Club offers two workshops for tasting and pairing a Tuscan cigar and wine or distillate . Only 16 seats available, to be booked directly at the event, with two shifts, one at 8pm and one at 10pm.

16 September appointment with Casale Mattia and Modigliani, together with Casale Mattia Spumante, Frascati, Rampazzu, Syrah. At 10pm there is Segnana, with a tasting yet to be defined. Thursday 17 is the turn of the natural wines of Vinàmica, paired with Modigliani: SanRosè 2018 – TerraQuilia (foul-mouthed ancestral method – 100% Sangiovese); N.6 2017 – VNA (non foul-mouthed ancestral method – pinot noir 100%); Cruasè 2013 – Pietro Torti (classic method – pinot noir 100%). At 10 pm, on the other hand, Distilleria Nonino: the Toscano 1492 cigar can be tasted with Amaro Nonino, Grappa di Moscato, Grappa Antica Cuvée. The Consorzio del Prosecco Doc is the host of the first appointment on 18 and 19 September: for tasting the Toscanello Velluto and the Toscanello Bianco with three Prosecco Doc labels. The second appointment of both days, as well as those of the 20th, still to be defined.

Get to know the manufacturer

The stand 11 of the events space is instead the place where you can taste and directly know the wine producers , with a place – also bookable for free on the site subject to availability – to be reserved at least 15 minutes before the event. On  16 September with the new wine sales site and the tasting of a selection of wines : Lancestrale 2019 – Col di Corte – Marche, Sant’Ansovino 2018 Marche Igt – Col di Corte – Marche, Sereno and Nuvole 2019 Vermentino Toscana Igt – Dianella – Tuscany, Chianti Riserva 2016 Docg – Dianella – Tuscany, Ribolla Gialla 2018 Collio Doc – Gradis’ciutta – Friuli, Friulano 2018 Collio Doc – Gradis’ciutta – Friuli. To closea surprise from chef Gabriele Muro of Adelaide at Vilòn. At 9.30 pm Where dreams have no end… the exaltation of Chardonnay in Friuli: Jermann’s Dreams .

September 17 still to be defined in the first appointment, while at 9.30 pm we talk about aromatic intensity and great white wines for aging : The stylistic code of Kellerei Terlan, South Tyrolean excellence . The appointment at 7.45 pm on 6 pm is also coming soon, when at 9.30 pm we will talk about the evolutionary potential of the great native vines of Lazio signed by Casale del Giglio. Saturday 19th is the time of Brunello di Montalcino Poggio alle Mura Banfi, while at 9.30 pm we talk about the magic of Burgundy with Giancarlo Marino. On the other hand, the closing appointments on Sunday 20 September have yet to be defined.

The coffee

Another collateral event not to be missed are the coffee tastings with Caffè Hausbrandt at stands 27/28 . Ten places are available, to be reserved directly during the event. It starts at 9pm on September 16, 17, 18 and 20 – with historical notes on coffee, plant botany, then definition and parameters of espresso and management and regulation of equipment. On 19 September it is time for the Arabica coffee tasting masterclass , together with the art of blending and roasting by Hausbrandt, with extraction and tasting of a premium blend.

Food revolution

Last, certainly not least, the appointment with caviar at the Calvisius Caviar Lounge, with a menu prepared by the best chefs, as well as the one with the DOP Ascolana olive paired with the best branded wines. To conclude with the Sicilian sweets of Il Catanese .

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