The coffee of the future is prepared with mushrooms: mushroom coffee

The new trend in the beverage sector involves the interaction of coffee and mushrooms: mushroom coffee is born, a drink with multiple benefits.

What do mushrooms have to do with coffee ? Nothing, apparently. Many might compare them to the famous parallel straight lines destined to never meet. Instead, ladies and gentlemen, the partnership in question is possible.combines the energy of caffeine with the benefits of mushroomsAnd it is not an idea, a theory, but a concrete fact. The coffee with mushrooms  or mushroom coffee already exists and is reaching the peak of drink trend . Health enthusiasts look at it with a lot of interest and sip it, because it combines the energy deriving from caffeine with the benefits of mushrooms. And mushrooms, as we know, are rich in minerals (in particular phosphorus, potassium, selenium and magnesium), contain B vitamins and some antioxidant substances. They strengthen the immune and cardiovascular systems and help the body defend itself during the change of seasons.

How mushroom coffee is made


But what exactly is mushroom coffee? It can come naturally to imagine a cup of hot coffee with some spongy and floating mushroom inside, the show is anything but inviting, but don’t worry: that’s not what it is. It is basically a coffee enriched with medicinal mushroom extracts ; the most used is Ganoderma Lucidum also known as Reishi which, in addition to possessing precious properties for physical well-being, counteracts the negative side effects associated with caffeine. Also very popular are those mushrooms with a very bizarre name such as Lion’s Mane and Turkey’s Tail .

Coffee disorders disappear


So forget about gastritis, refluxes, nervousness, palpitations and insomnia : all the ailments associated with excessive consumption of traditional coffee disappear. And, what is even more beautiful, you no longer suffer from the conditioning linked to the timetable. Even late in the evening you can indulge in mushroom coffee without fear of spending the night counting sheep. The number of companies offering combinations of instant coffee and mushrooms is increasing: the powder dissolves in a little hot water and that’s it. In some cases, organic peppermint and anise extracts are added to the mixture.

Beneficial effects


Recent studies have shown that mushroom coffee could contribute to cancer prevention . A medium cup also contains more antioxidants than cocoa, black tea, and even green tea . The mix of coffee and mushrooms, in addition, helps fight free radicals and consequently reduces oxidative stress that can cause cell damage. Yes, but how does it taste ? Not bad, even if the palate has to get used to before fully appreciating this drink. You have to try. We anticipate that the taste of coffee, thanks to medicinal mushroom extracts, is significantly softened.

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