The chefs of Taste of Christmas: Leandro Luppi

The chefs of Taste of Christmas: Leandro Luppi

Leandro Luppi, chef of the Vecchia Malcesine restaurant in the province of Verona, will be among the protagonists of Taste of Christmas, in Verona from 28 to 30 November.

South Tyrol and Veneto compared. Neither winners nor losers in the encounter between the South Tyrolean native of the chef (born and trained in Bolzano) and the tradition of a lake area that the personality of Leandro Luppi has been able to enhance, making it his own. We are in Malcesine, on the Veronese shore of Lake Garda, where the chef arrived in 1998 – after his experience in Bolzano as owner of the La Greppia restaurant and many trips abroad in the international hotel brigades – to begin the adventure of Vecchia Malcesine restaurant . A path made of understanding the lake ecosystem and local traditions filtered through unquestionable technical skills and great inventiveness, which in 2004 led to the conquest of the first Michelin star.


Too often underestimated, lake fish becomes the protagonist of a cuisine that bases its roots on the careful selection of raw materials, combined with a modernity in the dish that is not afraid to overcome tradition (only after having studied it). And how could it be otherwise at the table of a chef who, when asked about his passions, reveals his familiarity with fishing in streams? Creative intelligence, versatility and frankness have made Leandro Luppi a very popular figure in the Italian restaurant scene, creator of the successful Fish & Chef event , which every year attracts a team of star chefs to the lake.

old malcesine

From its terrace overlooking the waters of Lake Garda – to which the Locanda Moscal di Affi has been added over time, managed with his wife Lidia – Luppi continues to offer ambitious dishes that entertain the diner. chef leandro luppi will propose 4 courses that communicate his culinary flairLike those he will present on the occasion of Taste of Christmas , 3 courses representing his culinary flair and an AMO dish dedicated to the Arena Museo Opera and the world of opera. Starting with the famous Tuna from Lake Garda, one of the chef’s most popular inventions, but also the potato dumpling, dark stracchino and truffle from Monte Baldo and a sweet Passioncioccocaffè . Inspired by Tosca, the special dish (red like love, crunchy like life, broken like death): Cannoli of Venetian beef tartar, Tropea onion with grappa and mixed salad.

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