The chefs of Taste of Christmas: Elia and Matteo Rizzo

The chefs of Taste of Christmas: Elia and Matteo Rizzo

Elia and Matteo Rizzo, father and son, are the chefs of Il Desco di Verona and will participate in the first edition of Taste of Christmas, from 28 to 30 November.

Father and son, one initiator, the other heir to a family tradition that is expressed at a high level in the kitchen of Il Desco , an elegant restaurant with a solid and bright history in the center of Verona .father and son are among the chefs who will participate in taste of christmas in veronaIt is perhaps the harmony between the two, Elia and Matteo Rizzo , the secret of a table that interprets the local tradition while maintaining a balance between the experience gained in the last thirty years and the innovative inspiration stimulated by the exchange with the young Matteo, class 1984. The impeccable welcome – that of the woman of the family, Anna – who introduces the diners to the ancient patrician residence of the fifteenth century and a gastronomic vision that bets on local ingredients to propose a menu marked by the lightness of the preparations – also creations on the menu vegetarians who do not betray the inspiration from traditional local cuisine – it earned the two chefs a Michelin star and unison recognition from industry critics.


Before returning to his father’s cuisine, Matteo Rizzo gained professional experience around the world , between London, Rome, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but he does not hide the fact that he took advantage of the great opportunity to grow in the restaurant environment, drawing his passion for the kitchen with the same enthusiasm (and self-taught talent) that animates his father, who grew up in the family tavern and today a chef of international prestige, while keeping his distance from the media spotlight. The result was a gastronomic approach based on minimalism and (apparent) ease of execution, which never renounces imagination, hedonism and creativity.


On the occasion of Taste of Christmas , in Verona from 28 to 30 November , the Rizzo tandem will present 3 dishes that describe this cuisine made of authentic and recognizable flavors: Millefeuille of creamed cod and red shrimp; Pecorino pudding, caramelized radishes and almonds; Coffee granita, chocolate cream, vanilla cream and crunchy rice. In addition, a fourth dish dedicated to the universe of opera to celebrate the upcoming Veronese season: Ovetto with white truffle.

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