The blanket under vacuum so you don’t fear the virus

The blanket under vacuum so you don’t fear the virus

From Florence comes an ultra-safe kit to go out to eat without worrying about possible contamination: all the covered vacuum-packed and sanitized.

A virus-proof blanket . This is the idea launched by the Bizionaire Group on the occasion of the reopening of the Fishing Lab premises in Florence and Montecatini Terme after the lockdown. A choice dictated by the desire to start again in safety: in addition to sanitizing the rooms of the restaurants and spacing the tables, to offer further guarantees, a solution was thought to protect the objects that are usually placed on the table from contamination. This is how the vacuum covered blanket was born , a unique novelty in the world and developed by the Safe Lab team .

The vacuum covered place setting contains a disposable menu, a placemat, a napkin and cutlery : all items that have been properly sanitized. The package is then pasteurized at 72 ° C for 5 minutes. An additional precaution to be sure that the kit is immune to any viruses. “ Today we don’t go out to eat, but to have an experience. Here, we want our guest to experience the Fishing Lab world with the same spontaneity with which he would have a meal in his living room ”, with these words Pierluigi Bizzarri, CEO of the Group, presented the novelty.

“ These days the clubs are alive and teeming with friends and customers eager to get back to normal. The idea was welcomed with great amazement and, once again, seeing a thought materialize is for us an immense satisfaction that repays us for the great work ”concludes Bizzarri. The innovation of Bizionaire has all the credentials to be adopted in other places and not to remain an impromptu initiative .

With this innovation, Fishing Lab , a catering concept dedicated to fish specialties, with top quality ingredients at a fair price, sets the line for the entire category. A little like it has already done in the past with the menu that guests can compose at will, choosing between raw fish, a half portion of Street Fish, sushi or traditional seafood dishes. Fishing Lab proves to have the courage not only to innovate but also to restart. It should therefore come as no surprise that yesterday 2 July Fishing Lab opened a new restaurant also in Pietrasanta, in Piazza della Repubblica (Conte Bonci).

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