The best things to eat before a marathon

The best things to eat before a marathon

Before a marathon you need to eat properly to help your performance: we recommend the ideal breakfasts to have before a race.

For a marathon runner , following a healthy and balanced diet is essential because the good eating habits of the marathon runner can depend on the performance in training, the result of the race, the maintenance of a general state of well-being in the organism. The main goals of nutrition are to maximize sugar stocks in order to have adequate glycogen reserves to draw on as a sugar reserve; take the right protein dose based on the type of activity performed; limit the consumption of fats ; stay hydrated and do not overdo the consumption of fiber to avoid intestinal problems in training and in competition.

The previous days

In the days before the race, the advice is to eat normally , as you have always eaten, keeping your eating habits. Disrupting one’s diet in the face of competition is risky since it is not possible to know the effects that the introduction of new foods could have on the body.increase the doses of wholemeal pasta and bread without forgetting the proteinsIn order to maximize glycogen reserves, about 3 days before the marathon it is good to increase the load of complex carbohydrates , in particular wholemeal pasta and bread, while maintaining the intake of proteins and fats and preferring white meats and fish. In addition to all this, it is advisable to eat vegetables and fruit to ensure an adequate supply of minerals and vitamins, but without exceeding the portions to avoid irritating the intestine. The condiments should not be too heavy and for this reason it is recommended to use extra virgin olive oil as a condiment.

The pre-race breakfast

A critical meal in the marathon diet is definitely the  breakfast before the race , to be done about 2-3 hours before the marathon to allow for complete digestion: it is important that at the beginning of the activity all foods are already digested to avoid digestive complications. during the event. Here are some examples of breakfasts to be consumed on the morning of the marathon:

Breakfast 1
1 cup of tea or coffee
50-60 g of toast with cow’s milk ricotta dusted with bitter cocoa or cinnamon
2 rusks with 30 g of jam
20 g of dark chocolate

Breakfast 2
1 cup of tea or coffee
1 white yogurt with 10 g of honey and 30 g of muesli
4 wholemeal rusks with 30 g of jam
20 g of walnuts or hazelnuts or almonds

Breakfast 3
1 cup of tea or coffee
1 toast made with wholemeal bread and slices of lean ham
1 white yogurt with 2-4 dried apricots and 10 g of dried fruit
10 g of dark chocolate

Breakfast 4
1 cup of tea or coffee
Porridge with oat milk and 50 g of oat flakes
20 g of honey, 20 g of dried fruit and 10 g of dark chocolate
150 g of red fruits or 1 green apple

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