The best part: the perfect bites we leave for last

The best part: the perfect bites we leave for last

The best bites, the ones we leave for last or devour first, are small pleasures in life to be enjoyed again and again.

Happiness is made up of many small pleasures , just like cooking. Alongside the great successes and complex flavors of starred chefs and international rankings, there are in fact the small satisfactions of every day: those perfect morsels that can also be found in the dishes prepared in the home kitchen – or bought at the bar or in the rotisserie. For some, happiness is in the crunchy skin of roast chicken, for someone else in its most tender and savory bite; there are those who love the soft edge of the pizza and those who cannot give up nibbling the candied fruit of the panettone. For each, the best part of each dish can be different: and it is better this way, because in this way there is more for everyone. We tell you about ours.


  1. One of the most popular parts has always been the skin of roast chicken , even better if cooked on a spit. It will be the glossy and intense color, the crunchy texture, the right amount of fat balanced by the leaner meat of the breast or wings: in any case, it is one of the most loved parts of the chicken.
  2. Also popular is the rump or rump , also known as the chicken oyster or the priest’s morsel . It is a fat and tasty morsel, which is found under the tails of chickens, ducks, geese: since in each bird there is only one, in the past reserved for the most important person among those sitting at the table. In The Fabulous World by Amèlie Poulain (2002) one of the characters – pictured above – looks for this bite.
  3. The cheeks of the fish are also refined and sought-after . These are small portions of white meat, with a delicate flavor and velvety texture given by the fat present and so rare in fish.
  4. Less elegant but much tastier is the sauce that remains in the shells of mussels and clams , whether it is an impepata or a pasta allo scoglio. Pay attention only to the grains of sand that can hide in the delicious sauce.
  5. The crust of lasagna is another of the most universally loved parts, so much so that many choose the corner portion of the pan just to get more. It is crunchy, very tasty, the ideal crowning of the pasticcio of pasta, mozzarella, ragù that is topped. Only risk: that it is really too burnt, and therefore a little bitter. It also inspired a dish from Massimo Bottura:  Dream of a child who steals the crust of lasagna.
  6. The pizza cornice and the bread crust often share the condition of crunchiness that surrounds a soft crumb, and for this reason they are irresistible to many. Some, while eating the pizza, put the ledge aside: some do it because they don’t like it, others because they prefer to enjoy it alone, finished everything else. In short: be careful to steal the cornice that seems abandoned on the plate, it could be just waiting for its moment.
  7. Many prefer the curled chips to the classic ones, but for some strange reason the latter are much more popular. Difficult to find a joy that equals the discovery of a curly fries in the middle of smooth fries 
  8. Many also love pistachio in mortadella , and some even remove it from the salami to enjoy it with the dedication it deserves. The advantage is that of combining the taste of dried fruit with the velvety sensation due to the fat of mortadella.
  9. Occasional consumers are instead those of the almonds of the dove and of the raisins and of the candied fruit in the panettone . This typically occurs when the cake is ready on a table, waiting to be consumed: little by little, the almonds and candied fruit disappear, stolen by someone who does not want to eat a whole slice of cake, but does not mind its parts. tastier.
  10. The same happens in the case of the cream of the filled biscuits , whether it is Ringo, Oreo or better still, the Hit by Bahlsen. We all know that the next step is to stick the spoon directly into the Nutella bowl, instead of using it as directed on bread or biscuits.
  11. Lovers of creaminess also love the bottom of the cereal bowl , made up of tiny bits of corn flakes, puffed rice, chocolate or dried fruit evenly mixed with a small amount of milk now at room temperature. A nourishing, sugary, beloved baby food. Christina Tosi , head of Momofuku Milk Bars around the world, has dedicated a drink to her: Cereal Milk.
  12. At the opposite extreme are the people who eat cereals by themselves , taking them directly from the package and making them crack under their teeth like pretzels. The most suitable cereals for this purpose are crunchy ones, such as crunchy muesli with chocolate flakes or honey rings. On the other hand, there will be a reason why cereal bars are quite successful.
  13. Finally, the most pleasant pleasure of all: sugar at the bottom of the coffee or latte. The secret lies in always adding half a teaspoon more than necessary and not mixing too much: in this way, once the hot and slightly bitter drink is finished, you can finish your breakfast with a very sweet, tasty, melted sugar base.

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