The best Gin & Tonics to prepare at home for Gin Day

The best Gin & Tonics to prepare at home for Gin Day

Sunday 8 September is Gin Day: we decided to ask a barman for advice to explain how to make the perfect Gin Tonic even at home.

Gin Day is celebrated around the world on Sunday 8 September ,Gin day is celebrated all over the world on 8 Septembera moment to celebrate the ancient distillate, the protagonist of a real rebirth. Pink , Japanese or in the form of jam , this spirit born in Holland around 1500 has returned to bewitch us in glasses, both pure and mixed. Cocktail created to fight malaria, Gin Tonic has always been considered a simple recipe to prepare, but extremely thirst-quenching. Rama Redzepi , mixologyst of the Grand Hotel Fasano , offers us some advice to celebrate Gin Day at home with 5 recipes to make perfect and non-trivial Gin Tonics .

The tricks

“The success of a Gin Tonic depends on the raw material: the gin, the tonic and the ice” , explains Redzepi. The three ingredients must not be contaminated by the infusion of external elements during the preparation of the cocktail. Furthermore, attention must be paid to the gin’s serving temperature , which must never exceed 4 ° C: “ For this reason, gin should be kept in the fridge and not in the bar cabinet or at room temperature. Only in this way can we appreciate all the flavors and purity of alcohol “ . If we can’t cool the gin, let’s at least try it with the glass and the tonic.

The other fundamental element for the success of a Gin Tonic is ice . It must be abundant to cool the cocktail. “ I recommend using a very large cube that fills the glass without unbalancing the drink in its final part” , adds the mixologyst from Pristina.

Let’s move on to the doses . To prepare a balanced Gin Tonic use 4.5 cl of gin, 10 cl of tonic (equal to half a bottle), lots of ice. The final touch will be given by a twist of essential oils – lemon, lime, grapefruit: ” Never spray the juice of the fruit in the glass, but only the oils contained in the peel, which will add an extra aroma, without altering the scents of the gin and of the tonic “ . The perfect glass in which to serve Gin Tonic is a nice tall tumbler .


  1. Gin Tonic with London dry gin . This type of distillate offers a very clean and alcoholic fragrance, with hints of juniper and lemon. We combine a neutral or not too sweet tonic, completing the drink with a lemon twist sprinkled 10 cm from the glass. The secret of the mixologyst: “ At the end of the preparation, place the lemon slice on the edge of the glass, helping yourself with a clothespin” .
  2. Gin Tonic with Distilled gin. It is a gin to which essential oils obtained from the distillation of botanicals are added . The result is a very fragrant product, such as OdeV Gin Black , obtained from grape-based distillation (starting from Glera prosecco) and the addition of the essential oils of otto botanicals (burnt rosemary, vanilla, caper leaves, cedar, bergamot, chinotto, bitter orange, prickly pear, karkadè). Let’s combine a floral tonic. The secret of the mixologyst: “ For this recipe we use a pink grapefruit twist to leave also at the edge of the glass” .
  3. Cold compound gin . This is a type of gin that we can potentially all make at home, by purchasing a London Dry type distillate and cold infusing, simply by contact, everything that passes through our minds. Gin Robi Marton is obtained with 17 spices in cold compound, by cold distillation. Among others, there are licorice, allspice, ginger, horseradish, lime, knob. Instead of the tonic, we choose the Pimento Ginger Beer, which will strengthen the hints of ginger. The result will be a drink that will remind us of the aromas of Moscow Mule. The secret of the mixologyst: “We add a stick of filtered cinnamon, a twist of lime with a sprig of mint, held over the glass with a clip, and choose an ice cube to cool this drink, perfect for after dinner”.
  4. Jenever . This is a type of gin created in Holland, which almost faithfully reproduces the recipe of the first gin created in the world , the one born around 1500. The taste of Jenever is sweet, thanks to the 200 grams of sugar per liter used. Its flavor is more like grappa distillate or a young whiskey. To prepare a gin and tonic with a Jenever we use an unsweetened tonic. The secret of the mixologyst: “ We use Legers, a tonic with stevia extract, natural sugar, which enhances the flavor of this gin”.  We complete with a lemon twist.
  5. Bobby’s dry gin . We stay in Holland, but to taste a dry gin enriched with extracts of 20 Thai spices (among which are lemongrass, clove and pink grapefruit). The peculiarity is that each botanical is extracted separately and put together only at the end. The result reminds the nose of hints of verbena and lemongrass. The secret of the mixologyst: “ We use the Indi & Co. Tonic, where there are sugars extracted from the aromatic and citric parts, a recipe that balances my gin” . We close the drink with a twist of pink grapefruit peel.

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