The aperitif in delivery in Milan with beers, wines and cocktails

The aperitif in delivery in Milan with beers, wines and cocktails

In Milan, even the aperitif and spirits are delivered at home: we tell you about some places and portals that are equipped for delivery.

Lombardy has recently moved from the red to the orange zone. But whatever the color of the region, there is one rule that does not change: bars and restaurants remain closed to the public. Only home deliveries are allowed – not only for lunch and dinner, but also for aperitifs and after dinners . Before Covid-19, the aperitif was in fact one of the most characteristic activities in Milan . What will happen in the next few years is difficult to imagine: for now, several places have equipped themselves to bring Spritz and Moscow Mule directly to the front door. The Milan to drink of the 2020-2021 winter season is made up of cocktails and long drinks, craft beers and glasses of sparkling wine, but strictlydelivered to your home .


  1. For years, Spritz has been the undisputed star of pre-dinner menus. The origin of the cocktail is the subject of legends and discussions, but it certainly took place in the north-east regions: that’s why having it brought home by Tramè , a place specializing in Venetian sandwiches and with several locations in Milan, is an excellent idea. The menu includes some variations: not only Spritz Aperol or Campari, but also Select, Cynar and Hugo. To accompany them, very stuffed sandwiches with salami, tuna or vegetarians. 
  2. A good selection of classic aperitif drinks is also that of Prima . The cocktail bar in via Casale manages orders and deliveries by itself, thanks also to the use of Myballoon, a new free ecommerce service designed to help locals in difficulty. Prima’s menu includes a wide selection of drinks: from classic Americano and Daiquiri to the more creative Lo Stregone and Mary Poppins. To complete the aperitif, Roman pinsa and fried calamari and aubergines. 
  3. Drinc. , the cocktail bar in via Plinio, has not given up on serving drinks carefully designed and composed by Luca Marcellin. The cocktail list at home is deliberately restricted: just six proposals, including the new Dpcm20 with 1870gin, punt & mes and Campari. Along with the cocktails, a small selection of appetizers arrives at the front door. 
  4. Star Zagros Kebabbar (from corso XXII Marzo) and Kanpai Deli (from via Melzo) are suitable for those looking for more exotic proposals even at aperitif time. Both offer excellent creative cocktails: Kebabbar accompanies them with felafel, skewers and kebabs, while Kanpai Deli combines sake-based drinks with oriental specialties such as edamame, gyoza, and tsukemono, the typical pickles of Japanese culture.
  5. It’s not exactly a delivery, but NIO Cocktails is also a good option for those who want to relive the bar experience at home. NIO stands for Needs Ice Only – only ice is needed: it is a home delivery service throughout Italy of pre-mixed cocktails, delivered in sealed packages. The 15 cocktails on offer (almost all great classics, such as Negroni, Old Fashioned, Milan-Turin) can be kept for a long time, always ready to be served in a tumbler with ice.
  6. Someone prefers wine, even for an aperitif. It is impossible to receive only a glass of it at home, as in wine bars with a pouring machine; but many Milanese wine shops are equipped for home deliveries. Some offer real kits for an aperitif: so does Cantina Urbana , for example , which from via Ascanio Sforza delivers its bottles accompanied by salami, taralli, olives and other small gastronomic delicacies throughout Milan.
  7. Even The vinaio Furio , from its headquarters in via Crema and Via Pisacane, serves homemade aperitifs: you can choose between bulk or labeled wines, and add a cutting board or small tasty dishes such as ribollita, tomato soup and the lamprey. 
  8. Wineria , a wine shop based in Piazza Caneva, delivers its food & wine proposals throughout Milan. The aperitif kit is highly customizable: it can include Prosecco or Valpolicella Ripasso, cold cuts and cheeses or tuna tartare and Friulian frico. 
  9. For those who prefer to think about the food part for themselves, there are home deliveries from many wine bars, which are limited to their own area or reach the whole city: for natural wines, you can contact E / N Enoteca Naturale (on the website l the order can be completed with a donation to the Nobody Excluded project of Emergency) and to Cru ; for small wineries there is Vinoir , which, live as on its e-shop, tells the story of many producers around the peninsula; or you can prefer well-known or neighborhood wine bars such as Vino Vino Cantine Isola Vinello in Milan 
  10. There are those who prefer to go to the cellars for wine, even if this means waiting a little longer for delivery. Those who already know their favorite winery can usually place orders over the phone; but those who prefer to turn to a more orderly e-shop can take advantage of Enowinery , the online store of Enoitalia, a winery that brings together vineyards and producers from all over Italy. A similar initiative, but focused on Veneto wines, is that of Montelvini : an online order is enough to receive the bottles of Prosecco Superiore or Montello Rosso sent directly from the producer. 
  11. In Milan, the aperitif with beer, preferably artisanal, has also been cleared for years. Several beershops have decided to expand their proposals to delivery: most deliver only in the immediate vicinity, but the network is large enough to cover large areas of the city. Some examples: in the Porta Romana area you can order from the well-stocked Bere Buona Birra ; in the nearby via Friuli you can choose the sour beers (but not only) of Lambiczoon , which accompanies them with pork shank or rolled guinea fowl cooked at low temperature; in the Lambrate area you can use the deliveries of The Brew , and in the Isola area those of the Beershow ; while in the center there is the delivery of Shallo, which delivers anywhere within the outer ring road. 
  12. Then there are some breweries that are also breweries : in Milan you can receive same-day deliveries from the Lambrate Brewery Buttiga and Birrofila . The Italian Brewery allows you to complete your order with cheeses, taralli and other snacks for the aperitif; and also Crazy Hop , in Baggio, delivers beers of its own production together with sandwiches and cutting boards. 

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