The ancestors of soft drinks: 6 vintage drinks to cool off the summer

The ancestors of soft drinks: 6 vintage drinks to cool off the summer

The soft drinks of yesteryear are making a comeback on the shelves: from cedar to soda to coffee, here are 6 vintage drinks that refresh the summer.

They are the ancestors of soft drinks . They kept our parents company, when they were children, on warm summer evenings spent at the bar, playing pinball or putting records in the juke box. They have never completely disappeared, to the delight of traditionalists, and for some years they have also come back into fashion. They are vintage drinks . They respond to the name of cedrata, tamarind, foam, orgeat, gazzosa.


  1. orzataOrzata . In ancient times this drink was prepared with barley, then other vegetable ingredients were used. Today it is obtained from the hydroalcoholic extraction of benzoin root which gives the drink its characteristic milky white color. Many think it is made with almond milk: this flavor is given by the essences that are added (vanilla and orange blossom are also used). The quintessential summer drink is prepared by diluting the syrup with water and adding ice. It also enjoys popularity abroad: there are variants in Malta and France, in Spain and even in Mexico.
  2. foamFoam (black or blonde) . When it appeared on the market, at the beginning of the twenties of the last century (for some it would even date back to the second half of the nineteenth century), the foam was blonde. Only with time has this soft drink with bubbles been supplanted in the hearts of many by the black version. Based on sparkling water, sugar, caramel and various aromas, it is a distant relative of English soda. The version created by the Spumador company in 1938 is famous due to a lack of chinotto. There is no real recipe: to obtain the foam, a wide selection of aromas is used which include chinotto, rhubarb, citrus, vanilla and other spices. In the 1950s and 1960s it was paired with wine to obtain Sù e giò(black foam and red wine), known in Tuscany as the Mezzo e mezzo . The blonde mousse with beer was our grandparents’ favorite cocktail. Today he is experiencing a moment of fame in the world of mixology as a base for drinks.
  3. gaseous-with-coffeeCarbonated coffee . It may seem like a vintage drink in most of Italy, certainly not in Calabria where it gives a hard time to Coca-Cola, Fanta and many other soft drinks. Caramel and (logically) coffee characterize this drink, able to calm the summer heat in an instant. Variant of the classic soda, it is also proposed flavored with bergamot.
  4. cedar-tassoniCedrata . The most famous is the one that bears the signature of Tassoni: it is a drink that is the same age as Coca-Cola. Both have been distributed since 1886: a true record. Cedrata is flavored with cedar, citrus and safflower and has always been a great classic. The constant commercial success proves this.
  5. orangeade-san-pellegrinoOrange soda . Another piece of Made in Italy history: the orange juice as we know it today has been marketed since 1932. It made the fortune of San Pellegrino and the bottle of the Lombard company is now a design classic. The bitter version only came with the economic boom, in 1949. Less fortunate, at least from a commercial point of view, was the lemonade, albeit offered in infinite versions.
  6. tamarindTamarind . The most loved and popular kiosk drink in Sicily: exotic taste and sour note of tamarind for a drink that reminds us of the Orient and spices. Made with tamarind extract, a fruit rich in vitamin C from Madagascar. In addition to being thirst-quenching, it has antioxidant and digestive properties.

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