Teruar: because we are already waiting for the new edition

Teruar: because we are already waiting for the new edition

The first edition of Teruar in Scicli has just ended: we explain why a second edition for 2020 is already in the works.

The first edition of Teruar – Ethical Wine Fair , promoted by the Arsura – Sete Etica cultural association at the Ex Convento del Carmine in Scicli , closes with great success , which over the past weekend presented a rich program of ethical viticulture, crafts, gastronomy, art and music , with an eye already to 2020.

The protagonists of this 4 days were the 33 producers and 3 distributors from all over Italy , with the participation of some European wineries, for a total of 54 wineries and over 250 labels for tasting . Teruar is the first natural wine fair in Scicli and Eastern Sicily that focuses on the figure of the winemaker and the idea of ​​ethical viticulture : organic or biodynamic production, not intensive, sustainable, respectful of nature and tradition, but always with a look to the future.

Giuseppe Fiorilla , creator of Teruar, told us about his enterprise : “In a few months we have created a network of wine and bread artisans, artists and farmers that has exceeded the wildest expectations. Thanks to their trust, in fact, Teruar stands as one of the most important events of natural wine, able to go beyond the island and also national borders. We have received adhesions from various Teruaristi, as we call them, or those who are driven by the need to escape the intensive and invasive agricultural models, to orient themselves towards a product that is characterized as a food respectful of nature and that was born for an agricultural-cultural process and artistic sustainable, fruit of an agricultural model based on an evolutionary and not merely economic productive approach, where by evolution we mean adaptation to natural phenomena and not opposition to them “.

Precisely for this purpose the Arsura – ethical thirst association was born, which promotes the event and from this moves towards a new philosophy that wants to return to simple things, to a more human and less artificial relationship with nature , so that between the two actors principal of life, Man and Nature, that symbiotic, intimate and original connection that has lasted since the dawn of time is re-established.

“ We are very satisfied – says Pietro Russino , one of the organizers of Teruar – with the response of the sector operators and the Sicilian public, who really came from every corner of the island “. The Teruar effect was this: restaurateurs who do not present natural wine on their menu have shown interest in the proposals of the fair, and this is very important to root the culture of natural wine in Sicily.

There was also excellent feedback from the producers , their work was really at the center of the event: ” Our care for them and the organization have translated into a confirmation of trust on the part of the vignanioli, who have renewed all their presence for next year, defining us as the best first edition of a fair they have chosen to take part in “. So surely a second edition will take place .

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