Teo Musso: “Together for the first open garden of craft beer”

Teo Musso: “Together for the first open garden of craft beer”

Teo Musso started crowdfunding to build the first beer Open Garden in Piozzo: here’s how to participate and take part in the project.

If you have ever met Teo Musso , founder of Baladin , you will immediately notice one thing: this man spreads energy and passion from all pores. He says it too:the crowdfunding campaign for the first open garden of beer by baladin has started“ If I had to stop thinking, having ideas, it would be over! ”So let’s find out what his latest project is, anticipated this summer at the party for 30 years of activity. This is an initiative that sees us all involved in the perspective underlying the whole story of Baladin: sharing. In fact, from midnight and one minute on October 19th, the crowdfunding campaign (or collection , as Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food, prefers to define it) to contribute to the creation of the first open garden of Italian craft beer, the Baladin Open Garden . What does it consist of? “ It will be a park open to the public – Teo Musso replied to the presentation – un way to bring people closer to the farming world and to understand the link between beer and the land because beer is an agricultural product, we must not forget about it “. The Baladin Open Garden will rise in Piozzo (CN), a town in the Langhe where Musso opened his first pub in 1986 and which he considers ” the most beautiful place in the world “.


The park will include a Piedmontese farmhouse from the 1600s which will thus be restored and brought back to life. The township oven will be restored and put into operation to welcome visitors. There will be the local farmers market and the butcher ‘s shop managed directly by the farmers. You can buy raw materials and then cook them on the grills open to the public, with or without the help of the Baladin chefs. In the old stables a pub will be created where you can taste some of the Baladin beers including the exclusive Baladin Open Garden. The seventeenth-century cellars will be restored to house the aging barrels of the Xyauyù series of beersand the special stands for the Classic Method beer. On the second floor of the farmhouse we will find the chocolate laboratory , the kitchens for evocative events and events and the meeting room.


In the next building there will be the hop house and the artisanal and didactic malting shop . Visitors will thus be able to understand how from the raw material we get to the beer that we all know. In fact, at 800 meters from the space, the hops grove and the barley field of Baladin develop and, through a walkway, you can pass from the Open Garden to the new, all-Italian brewery, inaugurated in July. The visits follow a thematic path that traces all the stages of production, from the product to the philosophy of the company.


A great project that seeks supporters, not so much and not only for their economic value but to realize the great dream of Teo Musso: sharing . ” The goal – he explains – is to create a community that grows fond of and that makes a network to make more and more people aware of this experience of contact with the rural reality “. A vision that reminds us of that of Slow Food which shares age with Baladin: both realities were born in 1986 as its founder Carlo Petrini recalled during the presentation in a video message. ” They have been 30 interesting years – he added – Because sensitivity to food issues has evolved and reflection on the relationship between production-environment-justice and the impact of our behavior has developed ”. In this regard, Teo Muso reiterated: ” If you understand that the products come from the earth, you also understand that you must have respect for them “. And the link with Slow Food will continue thanks to the presence in the new brewery of an educational facility for the high apprenticeship course for master brewers in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo (CN).


The crowdfunding will last a month and is active on the Indiegogo platform recently arrived in Italy . The goal is to be able to raise 200 thousand dollars . Those who decide to contribute will be able to choose whether to donate from 13 to 3000 dollars and in exchange will have a reward in order to increase that sense of belonging, sharing and community at the base of this project. What are the prizes? If you donate $ 13, for example, you will receive the Baladin Open Garden corkscrew obtained from Xyauyù beer barrels and a voucher to taste a beer in the park. If you decide to invest 20 dollars you will have two Teku beer glasses for beer tasting, a product created by Teo Musso.


With $ 30 you can secure a seat at the hop harvest festival on August 27, 2017 while with $ 300 you can sit at a round table with Teo Musso and other interesting personalities such as chef Davide Oldani or pizza maker Gabriele Bonci . And for the sum of $ 3000 you will have two unique experiences of your choice: a day dedicated to meditative painting with the artist and Buddhist monk Lucio Maria Morra or a picnic with three friends and Teo Musso, as well as a permanent thank you plaque in the Park.


In any case, upon reaching the goal, all participants in the collection will receive a link to watch a cooking video-lesson from the Fuudly culinary network.  The Baladin Open Garden will open its doors on 21 June 2017 . Initially it will be accessible only on Sundays but the desire is to soon expand the offer with openings throughout the weekend and, who knows, also during the week so that more and more people can take advantage of this space to live unique experiences or simply to relax. with friends or family. “ I think it’s a good project – concluded Teo Musso – I think a new way of creating community can be born and I hope you can support me. Let’s support Italy! 

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