Tea is now drunk (also) sparkling

An interesting alternative to a bottle of wine or beer, a growing market linked to the world of health: find out what sparkling tea is.

In recent years, tea has proven to be an extremely versatile drink, suitable for following (or dictating) the trends of the moment. So let’s put aside the cup with the biscuits at grandma’s house for a moment and discover one of the latest trends, that is sparkling tea . Yes, you heard right. Drinks (usually) ready to drink, in bottles or cans, which combine the pleasure of the bubbles of certain drinks with the slogan of tea as a beneficial drink. In addition, this novelty is part of another phenomenon, that of alternative proposals to alcohol , such as the beloved  mocktails . For the Western world, the idea of ​​dining with a tea, hot or cold, is not immediate, but if we add the bubbles it becomes more interesting.

Attention to health

You can try it yourself at home , mixing iced tea and sparkling water or tonic water or there are companies, especially European, US and Canadian, that make ready-made products.Copenhagen teas take inspiration from the world of wineIn 2012 in Italy, Lipton had tried with his can of Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling with lemon and lime flavor. In recent years the Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Co. has been gaining ground in the Danish capital, producing non-alcoholic or slightly alcoholic organic sparkling teas, presenting them in bottles identical to those of a prosecco. And the world of wine is their inspiration also in the formulation of the recipe. Some references in fact contain a base of white wine, while the non-alcoholic products are enriched with grape juice. On the site indications are given for pairing with food. They are currently distributed in Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and the UK. In Sweden, the old Lofbergs roaster also dedicated itself to this market with a lively drink based on organic green tea, flavored with mint and lime, mango and chilli or lemon and ginger.

Organic is an important key in promoting this type of product, but there is another key word: sugar. Many consider it a great enemy and try to reduce its consumption in every way. So even sparkling tea, born as a healthy proposal, is attentive to these needs. The Minna company , for example, offers organic tea without sugar . Sweetness is given with the addition of extracts and aromas, all strictly organic. Then there are two New Yorkers who have founded a company, Sound , which produces products that are even certified as non-GMO .


There is another tea-based drink, slightly sparkling, considered an elixir of life, which is conquering the whole world, including Italy. It’s the kombucha . Have you ever heard about it?Kombucha enthusiasts exchange tips and ingredients to prepare it at homeA product that is obtained by fermenting black tea, sugar and a mass of yeast and bacteria called scoby. In Italy in December 2018 in Bolzano the first kombucha bar in our country was opened in the Castel Flavon restaurant, thanks to the passion for fermentations of chef Mattia Baroni. This drink has probiotic and detoxifying properties , has positive effects on the joints and the gastro-intestinal system and seems to be able to reduce LDL cholesterol and blood sugar. Kombucha can be found ready-made, in a glass bottle, or it can be prepared at home. There are very close-knit Facebook groups where fans exchange tips and scoby. A phenomenon that is very reminiscent of the sourdough of a few years ago.

There is a variant called Jun Tea in which green tea is used and sugar is replaced by honey . It is always a fermented drink , like kombucha, and therefore is characterized by nice bubbles that make our tea experience more fun and intriguing. At the moment in Italy there is no Jun Tea ready to drink.

When tea meets alcohol

Finally, there are teas that can become sparkling but that we cannot really define as a cure-all for health. Not for this, however, are to be considered less interesting, on the contrary. We are talking about some tea-based cocktails (perhaps with the addition of prosecco) or beer with tea . The US Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. , for example, has long been offering a bergamot tea scented IPA. In 2018, Hato Beer was born in Italy, a green tea beer or a lager with the addition of green tea extract. In Japan, the home of matcha , they mix this tea with beer to create bubbly green drinks. And this seems to be just the beginning.

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