Taste Dining Festival: 2020 is an online edition

Taste Dining Festival: 2020 is an online edition

Taste Dining Festival 2020 in Milan is online: each of the 20 participating restaurants delivers their own four-course menu at home.

The Taste Dining Festival restarts in Milan . Indeed, it has already restarted on June 16th and will last a month, until July 16th . The organizers say:taste is online until July 16, 2020“ We thought for a long time thinking about how to start again, deciding in the end that the best thing was to bring a pinch of Taste Dining Festival directly to the audience’s home ”. So with a group of 20 chefs and restaurants in Milan, a four-course menu was designed specifically for delivery , with 20 different tasting menus to be ordered online and received comfortably at home, in a thermally stabilized hygienic package. The products chosen by the chefs for their preparations are 100% made in Italy and 100% in support of the local trade.

How does it work

How to order and choose the menu offered by a restaurant? Just go to the site and select the place you are interested in among those participating. Once the option is clicked, the chef tells about his menu in a short video , which can be consulted online with a price indication by clicking the buy button. After the order is placed, the menu is delivered to your home in customized packaging which can then be reused.

Participating restaurants

From Aimo and Nadia Bistro to Carlo and Camilla in Segheria ; from Erba Brusca to the Berton Restaurant ; from Roberto Okabe ‘s Finger’s to Ceresio 7 . Also available to try in the delivery edition are Distreat , I l Liberty , L’Alchimia , La Griglia di Varrone , Mu Dim Sum , Ristorante 142 , Salt Food Atelier , Terrazza Triennale , Un posto a Milano and finally Wicky’s Innovative Cuisine. For the sweet tooth we recommend M’ama dillo con un Mochi, the first Italian brand of Japanese rice ice creams. Of course, the live part is missing, the one in which the chefs held workshops and workshops, but the spirit of the festival is safe: to allow the public to taste fine dining dishes made with different cooking styles at relatively pop prices.

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