Taking Advantage of Quarantine: 17 Long Recipes You Never Gone to Cook

Taking Advantage of Quarantine: 17 Long Recipes You Never Gone to Cook

In a historical moment in which you have to stay at home, to pass the time you can devote yourself to long and laborious recipes: here are our choices for you.

At this moment we are all, or almost all, forced at home . But how to use the time available ? Easy: we at Agrodolce recommend you to cook long and laborious recipes to which in normal everyday life you would never have the right time and the right concentration to devote. We made a selection from our recipes: test yourself and let us know how it went.


  1. Egg in Meatball . Very tasty appetizer based on meat and hard-boiled eggs. It consists of an egg covered with a mixture of meatballs and then fried: greedy and substantial. 
  2. Soft courgette with pecorino and guaciale fondue : a simple and very tasty soufflé, it takes some time to be composed in all its elements but you will not regret the commitment. 
  3. Fried squid with orange and red onion compote . An alternative way to serve fried squid. Clean them thoroughly, but first devote yourself to the compote to give it time to rest and intensify its aroma and flavor.
  4. Vitello tonnato : excellent cold hors d’oeuvre of Piedmontese origin based on slices of veal and a cream of mayonnaise, tuna, salted anchovies and capers. Cooking it from start to finish, perhaps preparing a good homemade mayonnaise , gives a lot of satisfaction.
  5. French Onion Soup : It is one of the most tempting and well-known dishes of popular French cuisine. Delicate and with strong flavors at the same time, quite laborious and long to perform, but a real pleasure for the palate. 
  6. Borlotti and artichoke cream : a vegetarian dish, traditionally considered poor, but at the same time tasty and nutritious.
  7. Canederli in broth . Also called knödel , canederli are a typical dish of Trentino Alto Adige made with flavored stale bread, eggs and cheese. Very tasty and substantial, they are mainly served in broth, but you can also try them pureed in melted butter. 
  8. Gnocchi alla sorrentina , an excellent specialty from Campania. The recipe is simple to make, but preparing potato gnocchi requires some time, effort and precision in handling the ingredients.
  9. tortellini with Bolognese sauceTortellini with Bolognese sauce : this is a recipe for the more willing. Long-running, elaborate and not easy, it will be able to test you and give you a tasty first course. You can put tortellini in your culinary curriculum.
  10. Rice timbale : baked first course based on really substantial and tasty rice. To assemble it you need patience and time, all elements that we are sure you will have acquired by now.
  11. Lasagne with lamb ragù : Easter is not that far away, despite everything, so give us a little thought. 
  12. Homemade Pastrami : a tasty dish based on salted beef, seasoned with various spices and flavorings, then smoked, usually served inside a rye bread bun with cheese, mustard and gherkins and sauces to taste. 
  13. Stracotto alla genovese : despite the name, this is a typical recipe of the Neapolitan tradition based on veal and onions. 
  14. Wild boar stew with olives . A great classic in mountain restaurant cuisine, but it is also possible to prepare it at home. It is not difficult, but you will have to be patient and cook it slowly. Follow the recipe in detail. 
  15. New York cheesecake : sweet cornerstone of the American tradition, consisting of fresh cream cheese, eggs and sugar on a base of crumbled biscuits and butter. Making this cheesecake isn’t overly complicated, but it does require some attention and a long resting time. 
  16. Sacher : the typical Vienna cake with ancient origins, which takes its name from the pastry chef who invented it. A dessert that is in fact simple but of a unique goodness, which combines the strong flavor of cocoa and chocolate with the delicacy of apricot or cherry jam. Serve with whipped cream.
  17. Profiterole with ganache sauce and Chantilly cream : high difficulty dessert, to package it you will have to be very concentrated and attentive to every detail. The homemade profiterole, however, is one of the most delicious desserts because the cream and homemade creams are fresh and certainly genuine.

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