Summer, 5 cocktails with a view chosen for you

We asked 5 bartenders to create a perfect drink to be enjoyed on the most beautiful outdoor areas and terraces for the summer: here are the answers.

Hidden gardens and panoramic terraces in the city. Tables a stone’s throw from the lake or overlooking the sea. Summer is the urge to drink outdoors . We asked 5 Italian bartenders to prepare 5 special cocktails with a view. And here are their proposals.

Coco Palomita – Belmond Hotel Cipriani (Venice)

A great master of Italian mixing, Walter Bolzonella , and a bar that has become legendary, frequented by international movie stars and lovers of good drink, the Gabbiano bar at the Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice. These are the ingredients that make a stop here an experience not to be missed if you want to take advantage of this summer to visit a different Venice, less crowded with tourists from all over the world but always beautiful and open to visitors. Bolzonella, an extraordinary career as head bartender at Gabbiano, proposed a Mexican-inspired cocktail for Agrodolce , which winks at a Paloma . Tequila is the dominant spirit, accompanied by a touch of smoke donated by Mezcal Casamigos , a brand created by George Clooney with whom a long friendship binds him. A peculiar and unexpected touch, Aperol Barbieri , an unthinkable but successful marriage. Walter’s hospitality, the tables overlooking the beautiful internal garden with the swimming pool and his many stories from illustrious guests, are the perfect accompaniment to the drink.

The ingredients: 2 cl Tequila Blanco Dom Julio; 1 cl Mezcal Casamigos; 2.5 cl Aperol; 2 cl fresh lemon juice; 2.5 cl fresh pink grapefruit juice; 1 .5 cl coconut cream; Soda top. Preparation: pour all the ingredients except the soda into a shaker, shake vigorously and filter with a colander into a collins glass (previously rimmed with salt) filled with cubed ice. Fill with soda and stir evenly with the help of a bar spoon. Garnish with grapefruit peel and edible flowers.

Rosemary – Hotel Four Seasons (Milan)

A classic address in the center of Milan, the Four Seasons hotel reopened in July and on this occasion allows the Milanese to rediscover its renowned internal garden, open every day for lunches, aperitifs and dinners, even for external guests. A real treat for those who stay in Milan in the summer. For the evening, there are signature cocktails by bar manager Luca Angeli . Tuscan talent, a career in the great international hotel industry, leads the team at the Via Gesù address, with a beautiful menu that offers twist, homemade preparations and a lot of product research alongside the classics. For Agrodolce he proposed Rosemary , based on vodka but with the fresh, Mediterranean and so summery touch of rosemary and citrus fruits.

Ingredients : 4 cl Belvedere vodka infused with rosemary; 2 cl Italicus rosolio with bergamot; 2 cl Organic Pink Grapefruit Soda; 4 cl Prosecco. Preparation: combine all the ingredients directly in the glass filled with ice and mix. Then decorate with dehydrated grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary.

Improved Aviation # 2 – Mandarin Oriental (Lake Como)

A terrace overlooking the splendid Lake Como. The Mandarin Oriental hotel reopened in June and the CO.MO. Bar & Bistrot offers, a few steps from the water, a creative cocktail menu, designed by bar manager Luca De Filippis with classics and signatures that recall their personal experiences. Like this version of his Improved Aviation , already a twist of the classic, reformulated in a Harry Craddock version, that is, without the use of violet, but with the use of lavender as a floral scent. In addition to the syrup, the element of gum arabic restores a silky texture, dampening the alcoholic hint. As a tribute to Mandarin, Luca added a bit of the Orient to the recipe, with kumquatwith a very sweet skin and yuzu to increase the sour note. Finally, cardamom for its balsamic and fruity air to enhance the scents of the lake’s nature. To try his cocktails and those of other good Italian bartenders, the Bartenders Battle evenings continue until autumn : on August 28 Matteo Rizzolo of the Moebius in Milan is guest, on September 17 Francesco Cione of the Octavius ​​Bar in Milan, and the 8 October Flavio Angiolillo of the Mag Group of Milan.

The ingredients:  4.5 cl Tanqueray Lovage infused with Kumquat; 1,5 cl Lavender and Gum Arabica Syrup; 1 barspoon Maraschino Luxardo; 1 cl Fresh Lemon Juice; 1 cl Yuzu juice; 2 dashes Bitter Cardamom; raspberry air (3 cl of raspberry liqueur and a tip of a bar spoon of Sucerester powder). Preparation: Put all the ingredients, except the raspberry liqueur and the sucroester, in a shaker. Fill with ice and shake vigorously. Pour the cocktail, filtering it, into a previously cooled long-stemmed champagne glass. Add a strip of crystalline ice, making sure that the top remains dry enough, so that when we deposit the raspberry air above, it does not slip but remains clinging. For the air use a slotted spoon to transfer it from the preparation container to the cocktail. Finish with an ear of lavender as a garnish. For consumption, it is advisable to alternate the raspberry air with a sip of the cocktail. The two different textures, as well as the contrasting organoleptic sensations will increase the complexity of the drink, creating a unique balance on the palate.

Watermelon Summer Tiki – Dry Martini (Sorrento)

A hotel overlooking the Gulf of Naples, the Majestic Palace, which has been owned by the same family for three generations. A concept born in Barcelona from the genius of the great bartender Javier de las Muelas, who transformed the bar into a glamorous and international place. The Dry Martini Sorrento by Javier de las Muelas, directed by Lucio D’Orsi with Giulia Rossano, owner of the historic hotel and life partner of Lucio, is a special place to stop for a dinner and a drink overlooking the sea of ​​the Sorrento peninsula : the extraordinary terrace overlooking the Mediterranean, the warm hospitality and the great experience in cocktails, are its main ingredients. For the hardened martinians, the menu offers up to 100 evolutions of this drink that has admirers and enthusiasts all over the world. But the card also offers more. For BittersweetLucio D’Orsi enjoyed a Tiki , an exotic-inspired rum-based cocktail to play with the warm tones of summer and of course the lemons and citrus fruits of the Amalfi Coast.

The ingredients: 5 cl rum Santa Teresa 1796; 2 cl Remy Martin VSOP; 2 cl pink grapefruit juice; 2 cl lemon juice; 2 cl honey / agave syrup; 10 cl of watermelon juice. Preparation : With the help of an extractor prepare the watermelon juice. Pour all the ingredients into a shaker, shake and pour into a glass containing cubed ice. Top with crushed ice and decorate with a sprig of mint and dehydrated pink grapefruit.

Negroni Botanico – Caffè Concerto Paszkowski (Florence)

Always a point of reference in the historic center of Florence. Caffè Concerto Paszkowski reopened in May after a major renovation and in compliance with the constraints dictated by the Superintendence of Fine Arts, as a national monument. The beautiful terrace overlooking the central Piazza della Repubblica is open all day, from coffee in the morning to the cocktail bar in the evening. A great opportunity to enjoy Florence without the usual crowds of tourists. The menu offers classic, contemporary and signature drinks. Behind the counter is the young head barman Roberto Sibilano , who arrived at Paszkowski in June 2019. For Agrodolce Sibilano proposes a twist on the classic Negroni, born in Florence over 100 years ago and that in his hometown celebrated its centenary last year during the Florence Cocktail Week.

The ingredients: 3 cl Sabatini Gin; 3 cl Carpano Antica Formula; 2 cl Campari; 1 cl Elixir of China Santa Maria Novella. Preparation: in an Old Fashioned glass, prepare the classic Negroni. The extra touch to the flavor gives it the citrusy softness of the locally produced Elixir of China. A Tuscan touch also for the Sabatini regional gin, from Cortona, in Valdichiana. Garnish with dehydrated orange, juniper berries and thyme.

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