Starbucks also opens in Turin

Starbucks also opens in Turin

On 31 October 2019 Starbucks opened its first office in Turin, with a menu that recalls the American giant around the world.

After Milan , Starbucks arrives in Turin , and from here the made in USA chain, exclusive to the Percassi Group in Italy, will reach all of Italy. On 31 October there was the opening in the Savoy city center, in the premises of the former Emporio Armani (via Bruno Buozzi, 5). Starbucks Torino has a total surface area of ​​540 square meters on two floors for approximately 150 seats. Soon the outdoor terrace will also be open to welcome even more customers. The design of the new store is warm and at the same time pays homage to the Turin taste: the wood stands out inside the restaurant, the colors of the interiors recall the terracotta of the land that nourishes the plantations.

The inspiration for this new store comes from the coffee plants that grow in the growing regions. In contrast to the delicate language of the decorations, the materials are inspired by the typical industrial environments of Northern Italy, using recycled materials such as colored metal profiles that become distinctive elements of this new space. Different characterization based on the place chosen for each store , but the same atmosphere everywhere.

“ We are very happy to arrive in Turin. This incredible city was chosen as the next stop on our journey after Milan because it has proven to be very lively and dynamic in recent years, attentive to new trends and ready to welcome international news. After Milan, it therefore seemed to us the most suitable destination to bring the Starbucks Experience ”- declares Vincenzo Catrambone, general manager of Starbucks Italy .

“ The welcome we have received so far encourages us and pushes us to enthusiastically bring the Starbucks experience to new Italian cities, such as Turin, while consolidating our presence in Milan through other channels. In addition to the districts and stations, in fact, we are also opening the channel of shopping centers, because they represent important points of aggregation and passage, to make the quality of our coffees known and appreciated more and more. The recent opening of the new Assago store in the Milanofiori Shopping Center is proof of this “.

The menu

The daily choice is a wide choice of high-quality sustainable coffees and coffee-based drinks such as the classic (and long-awaited) Frappuccino®. The big news, in addition to the wide choice of coffees, concerns the avant-garde extraction methods . Customers who enter the Turin store will be able to discover new ways of drinking coffee, Nitro and Clover, two innovative extraction methods: the first is a cold extracted coffee served on tap, a method that makes it creamy and perfect to accompany savory products or a curious alternative to the classic aperitif.

Clover Brewed Coffee , on the other hand, is more than an extraction method, it is a real coffee preparation ceremony, perfect for tasting the finest coffees. Alongside muffins, chocolate chip cookies and donuts there are many Italian breakfast classics: a selection of freshly filled croissants and croissants. At lunch, sandwiches and fresh salads with seasonal proposals that will be renewed seasonally every 3-4 months.

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