Smartworking: 8 recipes to prepare while you work

Smartworking: 8 recipes to prepare while you work

If you are working in smartworking and want to dedicate yourself to recipes that are usually prohibitive for the long time, here are some ideas.

Have you ever thought of starting to talk about smartworking with this ease? More and more companies – both private and public – are looking at out-of-office work as the new frontier of managerial that do not need constant supervision but take a long timeIt is not difficult to believe this if you only think about the time saved by not physically going to the office or the flexibility with which you can compose your days. Just be equipped with a PC and an internet connection to be able to decide to work anywhere: at the bar, in coworking and, of course, at home. If you are a supporter of this last option, have you ever thought about how many things you could benefit from while you find yourself focused on a work project? Take advantage of smartworking to cook all those preparations that require long cooking times, but which in most cases rhymes with gluttony: think, for example, of meat sauce, pastry or puff pastry doughs, octopus-based fish recipes or even soups and elaborate meat dishes. Now you no longer have to wait for the weekend to prepare your dishes: every day you can give yourself a reward at the end of a long working day . Start with these 8 recipes, perfect to prepare while working from home : cooking has never been easier and more practical.


  1. Meat sauce with a knife . Usually prepared with beef or veal, carefully selected in its composition and in the right amount of fat contained in it, the meat sauce is the purist version of one of the best known condiments of our local cuisine. The method of preparation differs in that both the vegetables and the meat will be cut with a knife into not too small and irregularly shaped pieces. This is the reason why cooking will be slower and more laborious: however, the result will be even more satisfying. Perfect for seasoning long pasta – such as tagliatella or spaghetti – or a short striped format.
  2. Celentani with octopus . Among the fish dishes it is known that the octopus is the most demanding in the cooking phase. The particularly fibrous and hard texture requires time and patience to soften and be enjoyed in all its goodness. In this case you will also have to dedicate yourself to the preparation of the tomato sauce: cook the pieces of octopus for a long time in their sauce over low heat, stirring occasionally. The result will be worth the effort: you will get a rich and fragrant first course that you can further flavor with an addition of capers, olives, or a pinch of chilli.
  3. Wild boar stew . Certainly not one of those dishes to be improvised at the last moment, although the desire for a hot and substantial dish may appear without the slightest warning. Take advantage of the time available to dedicate yourself to the realization of this wild boar stew: only after leaving the meat to soak in water and vinegar for 12 hours can you begin the actual preparation. Start, therefore, with a sautéed based on celery, carrot and onion – to which you can add potatoes – add the tomato pulp and let the meat cook over low heat for about 3 hours. Only in this way will you get a perfectly soft and creamy stew.
  4. French onion soup . A poor dish that will take a lot of your time. Once you have cut the onions into very thin slices you will have to let them cook in milk for about an hour and a half so that they soften. And it does not end there, because once ready, they will be placed in tureens on a bed of beaten eggs with gruyere, parmesan and toasted bread. You will have to wait another half hour of cooking in the oven and your onion soup will be ready to be enjoyed.
  5. Braised sauce . Here is a condiment that you can use not only to accompany rich and substantial first courses, but also to serve polenta, or as a filling for fresh egg pasta, such as tortelli. Choose top quality beef, prepare a sauté by adding red wine with tomato sauce and cook until the meat softens completely. At this point, you will have to shred it and cook it again in the cooking sauce to give it even more flavor.
  6. Puff pastry . A passepartout dough for both savory recipes (rustic pies, vol-au-vent, canapes) and desserts (strudel, fans, cannoli, millefeuille): homemade puff pastry takes a lot of time and many steps but will have nothing to do with the one that is usually found ready in the supermarket. First you will have to familiarize yourself with the so-called folds that will require long resting times: an excellent peeling will be obtained only with the right turns of dough, following a different direction each time. Proceed step by step, perhaps with the help of a kitchen timer and improvised drawings to remind you which side to fold your dough. After a lot of work, at least the cooking will be quick and painless.
  7. Pizza bread . Having it at home will be your undoing : it is a cross between the dough of bread and the taste of a freshly baked focaccia. Common to both is the long leavening time whether you decide to knead by hand or with the planetary mixer. Once the dough has doubled its volume, it will be ready for cooking in the oven: you can dress it with grilled vegetables, cold cuts, cheeses, or prefer a sweet version with jam, melted chocolate or icing sugar.
  8. Croissant . Perhaps one of the best and most forward-looking choices if you want to take advantage of the time spent at home. In fact, making croissants is a matter not only of time, but also of clarity and dexterity. So if you have all day in front of you, roll up your sleeves and you won’t regret it. Follow the directions of the recipe to perfection and be meticulous in the right amount of butter, in the processing of the different doughs and in the final rolling phase. In this way you will have a sweet gift waiting for you for the weekend breakfasts.

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