Sicilia en Primeur: 12 wines you should try and taste

Sicilia en Primeur: 12 wines you should try and taste

Sicilia En Primeur is an event dedicated to the enhancement of Sicilian wine production: we suggest 12 wines to look for and taste.

Sicilia en Primeur is the great Sicilian wine promotion event organized by Assovini. An annual traveling event that attracts the attention of the world press on Sicilian wine production.a way to catalyze the attention on Sicilian wine productionWine becomes a key to understanding the thousand facets of the region. The invited journalists are accompanied to discover the best of the different territories in terms of wine production, artistic-cultural heritage, gastronomic offer and hotel reception, and then converge in a single location (this year Syracuse ) where, together with the producers, the point on the global trend of the Sicilian wine market and on the last vintage . The final day of Sicilia en Primeur is instead dedicated, as always, to tastings for the public. Here are the 12 en primeur wines that we will remember from this sixteenth edition:


  1. Vrucara 2015 – Feudo Montoni . Without doubt one of the best expressions of Nero d’Avola in the current Sicilian wine scene. Award-winning wine and iconic label of Fabio Sireci’s company . The vineyard of origin of the grapes is over a hundred years old and is located in Valledolmo, at a height of 750 meters above sea level. In this corner of the Sicilian hinterland, even on the hottest summer evenings, the temperature does not exceed 18 °. We taste en primeur the 2015 vintage of Vrucara which will be released on the market in 2020. A limited production of about 5 thousand bottles. We are facing a champion, able to reveal all the elegance of the Sicilian prince vine. Guardian of history but at the same time tremendously contemporary.Price in the wine shop about € 30.
  2. Contrada Rampante 2016 – Pietradolce . 2016 was a happy year, as revealed by this Nerello Mascalese cultivated at 850 meters on the north side of Etna, in the small centenary pre-phylloxera vineyard of Pietradolce, bordered by the classic dry stone wall and immersed in a natural amphitheater. A production of 5 thousand bottles, only for true connoisseurs. Contrada Rampante perfectly synthesizes the strength of the Volcano, expressed in elegance and minerality. The altitude gives character and identity to the wine. Indeed, it is the lava flows that make Michele Faro’s wines so unique . Less than a month ago, the futuristic cellar of Solicchiata was inaugurated, an oenological and architectural jewel that also houses art installations, another great passion of the Faro family.Price in the wine shop € 35/38.
  3. Contrada Caveliere 2017 – Benanti . The historic Etna brand has launched an ambitious project that aims to enhance and distinguish the wine expressions of the various slopes of the volcano, from south to north. Contrada Cavaliere is the third of six labels that in two – at most three – years will offer a complete overview of the heroic viticulture practiced on the slopes of Etna. The 2017 vintage will go on sale at the end of the year and only 5,000 bottles will be produced. It is a pure Nerello Mascalese, grown in an 11-hectare vineyard at an altitude of 900 meters, on the southwestern side of the mountain . We are in an area characterized by great solar radiation, little rainfall and no influence of the sea. Once again, a certainty signed by Benanti.Price in the wine shop € 35/38.
  4. AV01 Catarratto Orange 2017 – Rallo . A as Alessandro Viola (natural winemaker and winemaker), V as Andrea Vesco (owner of Cantine Rallo) and 01 to indicate the first production. This spontaneously fermented Catarratto, zero added sulphites, is an orange wine that breaks the mold, proposing itself as a bridge between so-called natural wines and conventional productions. The territory of origin is that of Alcamo, in a vineyard located 350 meters high in the heart of the Sicilian countryside, on the border with Monreale. AV01 is the recommended wine for those who are approaching this category for the first time. From the 2017 vintage there are only 3000 bottles. Price in the wine shop 25/30 €.
  5. Grillodoro 2015 – Gorghi Tondi Estate . Sea, botritis and vineyard: in the new label, the sisters Annamaria and Clara Sala wanted to reproduce the three elements that make this wine a real rarity in the Sicilian wine scene. Grillodoro is, in fact, the only wine from Grillo with mold in existence today. Obtained from a late harvest of overripe grapes on the plant and characterized by noble rot, called Botrytis Cinerea , which is formed in a vineyard of just 2 hectares directly overlooking the sea of ​​Mazara del Vallo. Grillodoro is produced only when the climatic conditions allow it. From the 2015 vintage there are only 2000 bottles. Price in the wine shop € 28/30 .
  6. Madamarosè 2018 – Sallier de La Tour (Tasca d’Almerita) . Since 2009 Sallier de La Tour has been part of the Tasca d’Almerita estates, thus strengthening the brand’s production ecosystem. Costanza Chirivino – a young and brilliant house keeper and witness to the company philosophy – presents Madamarosè, a rosé made from Syrah grapes grown on vineyards at the foot of the mountains of the Jato Valley, on the heights of the Palermo basin. The soft pressing gives a splendid color reminiscent of the peach blossom and extracts only the most elegant aromas that this variety can give, marked by the aromas of the Mediterranean, a typical characteristic of Syrah di Sallier de La Tour. Of the 2018 vintage, the first produced, 5 thousand bottles are available.Price in the wine shop 13/15 €.
  7. Vico Prephilloxera 2015 – Tenute Bosco . On the occasion of Sicilia en Primeur, Sofia Bosco presents a preview of the 2015 vintage of Vico Prephilloxera. It is a limited edition Cru (less than 5,000 bottles), whose grapes are grown in a single parcel of a centenary vineyard located in the Santo Spirito district, in Passopisciaro, 700 meters above sea level. With its 150 years of age it represents one of the oldest vineyards on the north side of Etna, as attested by the historical sources ( L’Illustration Journal Universal of 1879). The blend is a blend of Nerello Mascalese (90%) and Nerello Cappuccio (10%): the first gives structure to the wine, the second instead color and aroma.Price in wine shop 45/48 €.
  8. Don Pietro Rosato 2018 – Of the Princes of Spadafora . The winery of Francesco Spadafora, in Monreale, has always been attentive to environmental sustainability: it uses a lighter glass for the bottles and organic corks produced with sugar beet fibers. All wines are made from organically grown grapes and fermented in the absence of sulphites. In the company of Enrica Spadafora , young and promising daughter of Francesco, we taste the Rosato di Nero d’Avola “Don Pietro”. On the palate a pleasant floral freshness is immediately perceived and the fruit perceived on the nose returns. The pleasant and balanced tannin gives the wine the right structure. Price in the wine shop 10/12 €.
  9. Kikè 2018 – Cantine Fina. Not only Grillo and Nero d’Avola. The complexity of the pedoclimatic context of Sicily makes it a real territory-continent, also ideal for the cultivation of international varieties. Kikè represents the greatest challenge of the oenologist Bruno Fina: a blend of Traminer (90%) and Sauvignon Blanc (10%) grapes grown in a vineyard at 550 meters on the north side of Mount Erice, where the fresh north winds blow, sheltered from the sirocco. The remarkable temperature range between day and night is reflected in the elegance of the aromatic bouquet of this wine, the best known of the company. The name Kikè is a tribute to Federica , the little girl from the Fina family , who together with her brothers Marco and Sergiopursues the family dream. Price in the wine shop 10/12 €.
  10. Salina Rosato 2018 – Colosi Cellars . The Rosato da Corinto Nero and Nerello Mascalese is the novelty of 2019 from the Colosi family winery. We are in Salina, the greenest of the seven Aeolian islands. This wine was born from the precise will of the young enologist Pietro Colosi to experiment and enhance the potential of Corinto, a native variety of the archipelago. The grapes are grown in a small terraced vineyard between Porri and Malfa where the so-called heroic viticulture is practiced . Salina Rosato has a nice roundness and is soft and fresh on the palate. For this first vintage 4,500 bottles were produced. Excellent pairing with tagliolini with rabbit ragout, a typical dish of the island tradition. Price in wine shop 11/12 €.
  11. Kaid Syrah 2016 – Alessandro di Camporeale . The story of Alessandro di Camporeale begins in the 2000s with the production of Kaid Syrah, a label that tells the story of the company well. With great satisfaction, the oenologist Benedetto Alessandro presents a preview of the 2016 vintage: “ in that year we had the best possible conditions, that is a cool climate and little rainfall. The result is a great balance that returns to the wine“. From its foundation to today Alessandro di Camporeale has adopted the right precautions to allow Syrah to express its potential to the fullest: in the vineyard early harvests to contain alcohol and enhance freshness, in the cellar instead shorter macerations to avoid exaggerated tannins, aiming all about the elegance of the wines. Price in the wine shop 16/18 €.
  12. Peasant Painter 2015 – Horus . This wine pays homage to the Sicilian artist Francesco Giombarresi, a peasant painter , who was able to tell the island’s colors, landscapes and characters through his miniatures. In the Hyblean area, on a sandy soil rich in limestone, at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level, the Giudici family cultivates the vineyards of Nero d’Avola and Frappato to give life to the Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico, the the only DOCG of Sicily. The 2015 vintage is a full and warm red on the palate that presents the typical aromas of Frappato red fruits combined with the full-bodied Nero d’Avola. Price in the wine shop 18/20 €.

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