Shanghai has the most instagrammable cup of coffee

Shanghai has the most instagrammable cup of coffee

In Shanghai, the Mellower Coffee Café has baked the most instagrammable cup of coffee ever: it’s called Sweet Little Rain.

In the era of Instagram , drinking coffee has become anything but a simple cup of the steaming beverage. Rather a continuous call to the  photo opportunity . The latest gimmick, when it comes to instagrammable coffee ,a cloud of cotton candy seasons the coffeecomes from a Chinese chain, Mellower Coffee in Shanghai , which has found a way to serve a very banal American coffee in a form that no one will ever forget. The peculiarity lies not so much in the coffee, as in what – literally – is on it: the cup, in fact, is surmounted by a soft and suspended cloud of cotton candy which, thanks to the heat and steam of the drink, melts completely , sweetening the coffee and creating a small and sweet rain, hence the name of sweet little rain .

The gimmick seems to have already worked: on social networks the dedicated hashtag is constantly bouncing up and the queue to enter the place and order this coffee is getting longer and longer. Someone, however, has already turned up their noses, pointing out that the cloud is too big for the cup below and, as it melts, it tends to dirty everything around it.

Despite the logistical problems, sweet little rain is making its way around the world. And it seems that, despite costing 58 Chinese yuan (about 7.50 euros , a high figure even for Shanghai), many are willing to spend all this money just to take home the perfect shot.

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