Selvatiq, foraging drinks are born

Foraging is an ancient practice that now merges with alcohol and carbonated drinks: the project is called Selvatiq.

We speak more and more often of foraging , that is the practice that consists in collecting foods that grow spontaneously in nature , in full respect of the latter; hence, for example, wild herbs, mushrooms, chestnuts, roots, leaves. Some believe it is a fashion, maybe even a little bizarre, but in reality it is a lifestyle: there is nothing cultivated, the environmental impact is zero, the focus is only on seasonality. Obviously, totally basing one’s diet on this behavior can be risky, but letting it become part of one’s habits, seeing it as a resource is not. On the contrary. And this is where Selvatiq , the project by Valeria Margherita Mosca, comes into play . A project to drink.

A project that focuses on conservative foraging

Brianzola, 41, Valeria Margherita Mosca is a stainless forager , an environmental hiking guide, a chef but also the founder of Wood * Ing Lab , a research laboratory on the collection, conservation and use of wild food in the kitchen. Together with Charles Lanthier , entrepreneur operating in the field of spirits, and Stefano Tosoni , who takes care of special projects for Wood * ing Lab, he launched Selvatiq, a project based on the so-called conservative foraging, or rather on the collection of very rich plants from an organoleptic point of view. but invasive or alien, which therefore do not benefit the ecosystem at all. The three have scoured the length and breadth of Valtellina and other Mediterranean places, selecting and rigorously hand-picking the most suitable botanicals for making special bottles. So far there are 3: a gin, a vermouth and a bitter .

Enhance local areas and safeguard the environment

“ Our goal – reads the official website of Selvatiq – is to favor the environment and safeguard the identity and biodiversity of each territory. We search, catalog, experiment and, in the end, use only the species that are able to restore the essence and soul of the place where they were born “. And again: ” This is what you will find in our bottles: the authentic and unexpected flavor of Valtellina, or of the Mediterranean, or of any other trip we will make “. The intention is to change places every 6 months, the decision is to use only what the territories offer locally, “ including distilleries ”. The ingredients used include flowers, berries, wild fruits but also bramble and thyme leaves, walnut husk, Scots pine buds.

Where to buy

The bottles signed Selvatiq can be purchased online , the site is also an e-commerce. They are all 50 cl; the gin one costs 75 euros, the other two cost 60 euros. Also available two soft drinks: the soda Alpine Forest and soda Mediterranean Coast . They are offered in packs of 6 cans (25 cl) whose price is € 16.80.

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