Savory egg and sausage pie

Savory egg and sausage pie

The salted egg and sausage pie is a unique dish that can be prepared in a short time for a trip out of town: the recipe with seasoned sausage.

Ingredients for 4 people

  •  45
  •  420 cal x 100g
  •  low
  • Shortcrust pastry 250 g
  • Eggs 7
  • Sausages (seasoned) 200 g
  • Parmesan 80 g
  • Salt as needed
  • Pepper as needed
  • Parsley as required
by Irene Cirillo 

The salted egg and sausage pie  is a perfect preparation for a trip out of town or a picnic in the spring outdoors. It can be prepared well in advance and comes up to you when you don’t have much in the fridge. The shortcrust pastry base is filled with a rich filling of eggs, cheese and seasoned sausage; almost an omelette in the oven to eat even with your hands. If you do not have seasoned sausage, you can use cubes of speck, ham or use fresh sausage: in this case, peel it and brown the meat pasta in a pan for a few minutes before adding it to the savory pie. If you like, you can also enrich the savory pie with mozzarella or other cheeses in order to have a stringy and even tastier portion.

Preparation Savory egg and sausage cake

  1. Break 5 eggs into a large bowl and cook the other two to make them hard-boiled. In the bowl with the eggs, add the Parmesan, salt and pepper and a sprig of chopped parsley. Beat and mix everything.
  2. When the hard-boiled eggs are cooked, pass them under cold water and peel them; cut them into slices and set aside. Also cut the sausages into slices.
  3. Take a baking dish, cover with slightly moistened parchment paper and spread out the shortcrust pastry covering the sides well. Prick the bottom with the tines of a fork and pour in all the beaten eggs. Add the sausages by arranging them all over the surface and complete with the slices of hard-boiled eggs.
  4. Turn on the oven and bring it to 180 ° C, put the savory pie to cook for about 25 minutes, until the edges of the brisèe are golden and the surface dry.

Remove the cake from the oven and let it cool before serving.

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