San Pellegrino Group: a diversified commitment against the Coronavirus

San Pellegrino Group has joined in the Coronavirus emergency to donate money, medical devices and reward its employees.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus emergency, the San Pellegrino Group (which owns the mineral water brands Levissima, Nestlé Vera, Panna and S.Pellegrino, to which are added fruit-based drinks and S.Pellegrino, Sanbitter and non-alcoholic aperitifs Gingerino and Beltè and Nestea cold teas) has given important and concrete help to doctors, nurses and, more generally, health workers.

Support for extra-hospital activities

At the end of March he donated € 250,000 to the Bergamo Health Protection Agency , with the desire to support first and foremost the extra-hospital activities in the area, then the reception facilities for the management of patients who have come out of intensive care and those with other pathologies, so as not to suffocate the intensive care units inside the hospitals. Part of the aforementioned figure was used to support operators dedicated to home care, in the Bergamo area and in particular in the Brembana Valley.

Masks and other protective devices

Not only. The Lombard Group delivered a supply of 10,000 masks and other personal protective equipment (disposable gowns, goggles and visors) as well as guaranteed free bottles of water to local and home health personnel in the area . Water has been and continues to be provided to patients as well . ” With these initiatives – explained the managing director Stefano Marini –we wanted to give substance to our presence in the area. Our thanks go to hospital doctors and nurses, general practitioners, Civil Protection operators but also to all those lesser known yet so precious figures for the operation of the whole machine that is facing an unprecedented situation. they are doing at the service of the community and of all of us ”.

Levissima blocks TV commercials to make donations

More recently Levissima , a brand of the San Pellegrino Group historically active in Valtellina, announced the decision to temporarily block the TV commercials and use the money that would have been necessary to pay them to the ATS della Montagna (Health Protection Agency) and to the ASST Valtellina and Alto Lario (Local Healthcare Company) .a temporary interruption to donate the proceeds to health care activities100,000 euros have already been donated to each of the two structures : in the first case, the money will be used to support the health and social-health activities of the area of ​​competence, especially in Alta Valtellina; in the second case it will go entirely to Morelli di Sondalo, which is not only the reference hospital for the Upper Valley and Covid-19 for the entire province, but also deals with intensive and sub-intensive hospital treatment and has set up hospitalization and surveillance posts for patients who are better but still positive. Levissima also ensures the supply of water to patients and staff of the structures in question and to the most fragile population of the Upper Valley.

A bonus to employees

Two other brands of the San Pellegrino Group, Nestlé Italia and San Pellegrino, after a discussion with the trade unions, decided to confirm full remuneration for employees who have interrupted or reduced their business due to the coronavirus emergency, or for a matter of safety. Nestlé also grants a bonus of 500 euros gross to those who have never stopped .

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