Rome: Centocelle is always cooler with the natural wines of Vignaioli Volanti

Rome: Centocelle is always cooler with the natural wines of Vignaioli Volanti

Menabò Vino e Cucina in Centocelle joins Vignaioli Volanti for a day dedicated to natural wines for February 24th 2020.

The rebirth of a neighborhood occurs to the extent that it manages to give voice to the tastes of those who live there. It is not an immediate process and often you have to grope, but when you take the right path the multiplier can be event dedicated to natural wines in the heart of the neighborhoodThis is what is happening in the Centocelle district in Rome , where the opening of new realities – including 180 g Pizzeria Romana and Legs , just to name a few – has revealed the potential of a winning combination, that between the popular and the innovative. The tavern – or rather the enosteria – Menabò Vino e Cucina (via delle Palme, 44 / d) of the two Camponeschi brothers , Daniele and Paolo , fits into this wake . If the initial project already spoke of ambition and originality, combining cuisine and oenology without overshadowing either of them, now an intriguing collaboration with the LiberiSpiriti Flying Vignaioli Volanti will make the difference., whose catalog will be hosted by Menabò on February 24 , from 2pm to 7pm.

The distribution of Vignaioli Volanti, selected among the best in Italy and specialized in the production of natural wines, is a distribution born just over 3 months ago. Some of them will be present to tell their story and the characteristics of the work: all obviously accompanied by guided tastings . Just to name a few, there will be: Valenti (Sicily), Quintessenza Liquori (Abruzzo), Poggiolella (Tuscany), Malacari (Ancona), Marco Cecchini (Udine), Il Carpino (Gorizia) and Kuenhof (Bolzano). To make everything even more familiar and welcoming will be the vintage and at the same time minimal atmosphere of the only spacious room in which the restaurant is divided, including modern antiques, a large blackboard with wines and numerous bottles on the wall.

As for the offer of good drinks, the Italians will be joined by French names who for the occasion will be enriched by as many prominent references, including: Pascal Henin – Ay, Vallèe de la Marne, Champagne; Pierre Brocard – Celles-sur-Ource, Côte des Bar, Champagne; and Michel Genet – Chouilly, Côte des Blancs, Champagne.

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