Rome: Carnal, the winning spin-off of Roy Caceres

Rome: Carnal, the winning spin-off of Roy Caceres

While waiting for the reopening of Metamorfosi, Roy Caceres went ahead by opening Carnal, an easy place where food speaks South American.

Thanks to the temporary closure (until September) of Metamorfosi , chef Roy Caceres is personally involved in his new restaurant in Prati, Carnal (via dei Gracchi, 19).the chef has fun, you can also notice it with the maskFrom the windows of the open kitchen it is possible to observe him while he works in small spaces, with the baseball cap on his head and the smile on his face, which can be glimpsed from under the mask. He has fun, that’s for sure, and it seems to us that we are facing a great football champion, who engages in a classic summer match on the beach. Except that Roy doesn’t play here, on the contrary, he puts both technique and feeling into it.

“ Carnal in Mexico is said of a true friend ” – explains Caceres – “ and that’s what my partner Riccardo represents for me, with whom we have already worked together ”. Riccardo Paglia is a passionate researcher of products and raw materials, with various international experiences behind him, even in decidedly exotic places. In fact, in his curriculum he boasts 6 years in Angola, in addition to those spent between Portugal and England.

In the restaurant in via dei Gracchi, tastes that pay homage to the South American origins of Caceres are realized, in dishes made with great Italian raw materials. And so the beef is from Podolica, the black beans are Umbrian, the corn waffle is stuffed with burrata, cherry tomatoes and anchovies. He does not skimp on the use of Cardoncelli mushrooms or mountain cheeses. The menu often changes according to the season or simply to what the market offers in the morning.

But Carnal is also a story of great adaptability , in the face of the difficulties caused by the pandemic . “ We actually opened in December last year with the name Bistrot 19, a temporary project that we should have carried out until July. Riccardo did Roman cuisine and was also fine. Then with the total closure we decided to anticipate the times and start with the delivery of Carnal: bbq boxes, tacos, etc., which is still going great. With the reopening we certainly could not go back. There was no way to renovate the place, but luckily it is already nice and we have only customized it a little “.

Going into the details of the offer: Picar is the section of the menu dedicated to appetizers, ideal for stopping hunger or accompanying a drink (try the mini empanadas). The bocones , including tacos and tostadas , are starters that may precede a cold plate (raw and marinated) or specialty calienti , grilled or made with long cooking. Of course, there is no shortage of tasty and original desserts .

For the more curious or the undecided, it is possible to opt for three courses of 6, 8 or 10 Strokes : taste bullets that allow you to taste the best of the proposal, at the discretion of the chef.

In the room Andrea Racobaldo , third partner, who in addition to welcoming also deals with thinking about beverages, providing ideas on combinations. In addition to the wine list , a good selection of craft beers , classic or house cocktails is available .

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