Rome: anti-alcohol ordinance and reinforced prohibitions

Rome: anti-alcohol ordinance and reinforced prohibitions

New decree and new restrictions signed by the mayor Raggi in Rome to stem the nightlife. From 18 to 7 the ban on taking away alcohol.

In Rome, with the ordinance of the mayor Raggi n.115 of 2 July 2021, the provisions concerning alcohol are tightened. In fact, this new document states that starting from 6pm to 7am the following day, the sale of take-away alcoholic beverages in neighborhood shops is prohibited. From the same afternoon time it will not be possible to consume alcoholic beverages and spirits in glass containers on public roads or roads open to public transit and in green areas that are not fenced off. From 8 pm the ban on the sale of glass for take-away also extends to restaurants or wine bars with administration.

The new decree comes in conjunction with the events related to the Europeans but the latter extends well beyond the duration of the sporting event, the restrictions are in fact foreseen until September 15th . These moves were designed to counteract the nightlife and night gatherings , which are often linked to the sale of alcohol.

The provision

“It is appropriate to prohibit, until September 15, 2021, the retail sale for take-away of alcoholic and spirits from 18.00 to 7.00 the following day on the entire municipal area, at neighborhood businesses, as well as through vending machines, and from 20 at 7 am of the following day, the retail sale for take-away of alcoholic and spirits in glass containers in food and beverage administration activities . “

“There have been several shameful episodes of wild nightlife. We listened to the needs of the citizens’ committees and those of the traders, taking stock of the situation with the Prefect. With this provision we add a piece to stem the phenomenon and ensure greater safety for citizens, especially now that the national regulations against Coronavirus are starting to become less stringent. We must continue to keep our guard up for the protection of all ”these are the words of the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi .

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