Rome: all the breweries of Birròforum 2019

Rome: all the breweries of Birròforum 2019

Birròforum returns to Rome and changes its look and location: here are the breweries present from 27 to 30 June at the Tor di Quinto park.

Birròforum changes its look and for the new 2019 edition it dresses up as a Summer Festival. From tomorrow 27 June to Sunday 30 , from 7 pm to 1 am, the appointment that Vinòforum has dedicated to craft beers returns,birròforum moves to the park of tor di quintothis time in the new village inside the Tor di Quinto Park in Rome , for four days of good beer and street food, with live music, fitness and activities for the little ones too. The main protagonists will be them, the 12 craft breweries , who will bring with them the best products and new trends. There will therefore be Hammer , Civale Brewery , East Side Brewing , Turbacci Beer , Brewfist , Oxiana , Chinaschi , Messina Brewery , Gladiator , Mastri Birrai Umbri , Alta Quotaand I Beer , with dozens of labels available for tasting among those suitable for all tastes and new entries, still top secret.

Still on the subject of beers, during the event there will also be the inevitable tasting courses organized with the collaboration of the Unione Degustatori Birra (UDB). It starts on Thursday 27 with the Lazio breweries: between territory and creativity , with Alta Quota, Oxiana and Gladiatore tasting conducted by Salvatore Cosenza. Friday 28 is the turn of Le Italian Grape Ales , with tasting by Mastri Birrai Umbri (Benedictine method line) and Chinaschi brewery, led by Mauro Pellegrini.

Saturday is the turn of the Thousand Shades of Acid for the tasting of sour beers by EastSide and Birrificio Turbacci, led by Francesco Cassone, while on Sunday the appointment is with Meditation: to discover beers, whiskey and … cigar , for the tasting of meditation products by Ibeer and Brewfist accompanied by the tasting of a whiskey and (for those who want) a cigar. The product selector and host of the evening will be Francesco Stefanelli. Admission costs 5 euros and entitles you to a tasting glass and the opportunity to participate in the free activities of the event. With another 5 euros you can buy a token, valid for tasting the beers.

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