Rome: 6 breweries out of the ordinary

Rome: 6 breweries out of the ordinary

There are historic breweries in Rome and pubs that are not on everyone’s lips, but which also deserve more than a visit: here are our favorite addresses.

Is there really a need for yet another article with the list of the best craft beer venues in Rome ? Obviously not, certain addresses are rightly on everyone’s lips, even those who can’t distinguish a pilsner from a stout.pubs often hidden in the neighborhood streets, concrete in their offer and pleasant to liveSo here we are talking about places that quietly, away from the spotlight of the beer circus , carry out a quality discourse with dedication. Often hidden in the streets of the neighborhood , some already historic and others more recently opened, they are extremely concrete places in the offer and that have not made use of great furnishing consultancies which include the hard core of regular customers. Their strength is in the selection on tap and in the bottle and in the passion of those publicans who know how to tell beer as well as serve it adequately.


  1. public-house-garbatella568 Public House Garbatella (via delle Sette Chiese, 56). The classic place you need to know because otherwise it’s really hard to happen by chance. It is located in a pedestrian street of Garbatella, open for a few years, it looks like a local of northern Europe due to the light tones of the wood with which it is furnished. Nice atmosphere, selection of beers not extensive but thoughtful and food that goes slightly beyond the classic pub offer. Among the managers, Luca is very competent in terms of beer and knows how to advise his customers.
  2. sazerac-pubSazerac Pub (via Umberto Biancamano, 80). Not far from the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano, the Sazerac is an outpost of quality beer known mainly by enthusiasts, regulars and professionals in the sector. Vintage furniture with retro-style sofas and chairs, an atmosphere that is somewhat reminiscent of an old relative’s living room, if it weren’t for the small counter with plugs at the entrance. Heart and mind of the Sazerac is Niko. It is here that goliardic challenges are often organized between breweries in the presence of even very famous brewers
  3. the-factory-2The Factory (piazza dei Condottieri, 40). Far from the hustle and bustle of the pedestrian area, The Factory is a modern pub run with passion and enthusiasm by Simone and associates. A beautiful vintage Vespa welcomes customers. The beer proposal is good to accompany sandwiches, burgers and cutting boards of good quality and at surprisingly low prices. They also have two self-service plugs, an original idea for those wishing to try their hand at tapping. In the summer it is pleasant to sit outside.
  4. beer styleBeer Style (via dei Platani, 42). We are in the heart of Centocelle, a rapidly developing area from a gastronomic point of view. The Beer Style, in its new headquarters in via dei Platani, has quickly become a point of reference for the passionate drinkers of the area and beyond. The place is very small, fortunately the spaces are exploited to the fullest and in addition there is some outdoor seating. In addition to the spines they have a good selection in the bottle. If you are undecided, ask for advice: the staff is made up of Francesco and other teachers of the Beer Taster Union. The proposal is also excellent as regards the food, absolutely must try the pulled pork prepared by hand by Stefano, one of the partners.
  5. the snakeIl Serpente Pub (via dei Marsi, 21). It probably shouldn’t be on the list, as it’s a historical address. But the Snake is endowed with that shy and insensitive character to the trends of the moment, that they make us insert him ex officio in this list. Founded in 1994, it has remained true to that authentic pub concept, with lots of wood, football club scarves and beer gadgets. People come here to drink an excellent beer, perhaps accompanied by a tiella of Gaeta and little else. Behind the counter the experience and professionalism of Simone, someone who has been serving good beer for over twenty years.
  6. the-little-abbeyThe Little Abbey (via Clelia, 55). The level of maniacality is evidenced by the fact that after a few years of activity, instead of modernizing the place, here they preferred to equip it with a cell to keep the drums at the right temperature. At the Piccola Abbazia we look after the substance: beers personally chosen by Ivano and Valerio, most of them purchased directly from the breweries, perfect tapping and service. As if that weren’t enough, the food is also excellent: pan-fried pizzas with long-lasting dough, good sandwiches and a fantastic selection of cheeses, another great passion of Ivano. Not far from the Furio Camillo metro stop, it is certainly one of the best beer addresses in Rome.

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