Roman scratchy: what it is and how to prepare it

Roman scratchy: what it is and how to prepare it

The Roman grattachecca is a thirst-quenching drink and an excellent remedy against the heat during the summer: let’s find out how it is prepared.

The grattachecca in Rome means summer , and it goes without saying, hot. This is why enjoying it while walking through the streets of the center and along the Tiber is a miraculous remedy against the heat and one of the things to do in the city to truly feel its inhabitants.the grattachecca is the Roman grenadine, that is, finely grated ice flavored with sweet syrups and sometimes fruit The grattachecca is the Roman grenadine , nothing but ice finely grated with a scraper from a single block and flavored with sweet syrups and sometimes fresh fruit (in the evening version it can also be found enriched with alcohol).  Grattachecca is eaten and drunk : at first it is taken with a spoon, but after a while it is better to drink it, which is why it is also served with a straw. In the kiosks of the grattacheccarithat inaugurate the summer season – among which there are still very ancient ones today, such as Alla Fonte d’oro on Lungotevere Sanzio, active since 1913 – you can choose from an infinite number of flavors, coconut, peach, lemon, barley, black cherry , strawberry, mint. Be careful not to confuse it with granita, which is a mixture of crushed ice and syrups or other liquids all frozen together.

How to make it at home


While it is very unlikely that you will be able to retrieve an entire block of ice and scratch it with the same incredible agility as a scratcher , do not despair. Even at home you can replicate that pleasant sensation of sweet ice under your teeth. Take the ice flowers out of the freezer a few minutes before scratching them. Then chop it with a mixer, a manual ice crusher (the blade one) or a blender. Pour the ice into a large glass and add syrups and pieces of fresh fruit to your taste . Enjoy it at home, in a tank top and shorts, perhaps under a photo of the Colosseum.

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