Roma Bar Show: the first edition of the international beverage event

Roma Bar Show: the first edition of the international beverage event

Roma Bar Show is the event entirely dedicated to the beverage sector in all its forms which will be held at EUR on 23 and 24 September.

If you want to be sure to start the week well, write down the dates of Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 September 2019 because in Rome , at the Palazzo dei Congressi of the EUR (piazza John Kennedy, 1) there will be two days entirely dedicated to the world of beverage : the Roma Bar Show . A full program of activities that will take place from 10:00 to 21:00 through the organization of masterclasses, talks, conferences and a series of collateral events with an off-salon for the trade and public sectors: you will only have spoiled for choice among the numerous stands of both industry leaders and independent companies.

full immersion for lovers of good drinking at 360 ° : this time the beverage sector will be declined in all its forms with the presentation of wines , liqueurs , coffees , spirits , beers and spirits .professional bartenders, demonstrations and international key speakersTo animate the two days there will be professional bartenders who will populate the curious world of mixology with demonstrations of classic and non-classical preparations. There will also be numerous guests – including 8 international key speakers – who will bring their experience and the main news in circulation in terms of bars, bartendering and spirit industry to the stage of the Auditorium Capitalis . Just to name a few: Cocktail Trends & Innovation , with Simone Caporale and Marian Beke promoted by Grappa Nonino and the rum told by Velier Spa in Sugar Cane  with two excellences in the field of sugar cane such as Ian Burrell and Luca Gargano.

But the Roma Bar Show aims to be something even more complete, involving the inevitable universe of food through areas dedicated to street food and the new trend of the moment, food pairing , or the wise and refined combination of food and drink. And it is precisely starting from the latter that the event will open its first edition: the Roma Bar Show will in fact be an opportunity to celebrate the Centenary of the Negroni , revisited through the interpretations of the most representative Italian bartenders.

If you want to broaden your horizon, just browse through the different thematic areas , such as: the Mexico Village with its Mexican-style cocktail bar or the Gin Area that will bring together Italian and foreign companies in the gin sector. Absolutely not to be missed is the scenographic Terrace of the Palazzo dei Congressi from which to admire the entire beauty of the Capitoline in the company of a thirst-quenching aperitif. Finally, among the initiatives already on the calendar, the Italian final of The Vero Bartender will take place on Sunday  22 September , a cocktail competition by Montenegro and also the arrival of La Classica 2019, a cycling event promoted by Martini Racing, which will involve bartender cyclists from all over the world. It does not end here : we will tell you some good ones, stay tuned.

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