Roma Bar Show canceled, 2021 is already being thought of

Roma Bar Show canceled, 2021 is already being thought of

The appointment had been confirmed for 5 and 6 October, but conditions forced the organizers to postpone the Roma Bar Show to 2021.

“ There is bitterness and sorrow because we believed in it to the last. We wanted to give a restart signal for a sector in difficulty after the events of recent months, but too much uncertainty prevented us from confirming the event “. So Andrea Fofi, one of the founders and organizers of the Roma Bar Show , explained to us the decision to postpone until September 2021the long-awaited appointment. In recent weeks he himself had told us about the work the team was doing to ensure that the second edition of the national bar show at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome, scheduled for 5-6 October, in the calendar of Italian and European events, was carried out safely. of the world of bars. In recent days, however, the announcement of the cancellation has arrived, through social media.

It wasn’t going to be the Bar Show we wanted

To weigh on the decision, therefore, were too many uncertainties . “ On the one hand, companies, the big ones but also the small ones that, bound by policies and choices of business opportunity, have decided differently on investments; from another also us, who have organized ourselves to the maximum for the event but we have estimated that in a month the conditions may not exist. It wasn’t going to be the Bar Show we wanted. A last minute stop was too risky even in the face of important costs that we were ready to bear to make the fair completely safe as required by current regulations ”he tells Agrodolce Fofi.

Appointment to 2021

Therefore, everything is postponed to September 2021 , without appeals,We are thinking of targeted appointments in the premises waiting for 2021because “ organizing it digitally now would be difficult, we thought about it months ago but we wanted it to be live, an opportunity for a real relaunch, a moment of meeting and business for the sector ”, again Fofi. But the Roma Bar Show does not necessarily remain on the radar . If the companies were more cautious, the desire for participation of the rest of the sector, including bars and bartenders, had instead been quite lively. The announcement of the cancellation came three days after the start of ticket sales when hundreds of admissions to the event had already been sold online. Now it’s time to think about refunds, but this answer, in such a complicated year, is sobering: if the Roma Bar Show is a platform for the industry why not make it live all year round, and events are being considered to approach the 2021 dates to be held in around Italy . Targeted appointments on the premises, perhaps with the companies themselves, to encourage their return on live investments , and not only online , with all the appropriate attention.

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