Ristocall: the app to offer or find work in the restaurant business

Ristocall: the app to offer or find work in the restaurant business

RistoCall is born, the App that connects those who offer and those looking for work throughout the restaurant world.

A problem to be solved or a need to be satisfied, a brilliant intuition and a lot of work. This, in a nutshell, is the story of most of the successful startups in recent years.RistoCall is born, the App that connects those who offer and those looking for work throughout the restaurant worldRistocall is no exception , a platform designed to put owners of catering businesses in contact with professionals in the sector: from chefs to dishwashers, through waiters and bartenders, in order to offer or ask for work . The idea comes from the experience of one of the founders, Massimiliano Lezzi , a restaurateur who has encountered the difficulties of finding extra personnel , available at the last minute , several times in his career . Ristocall aims to solve this aspect, crossing in less than sixty seconds, the needs of the owners with the certified skills of those who propose themselves as professionals on the platform.

Lorenzo Pinto, CEO and co-founder, tells us more details.

Lorenzo, can you provide us with some data to understand the dimensions of the problem?

The catering world sees a staff turnover of 78%: an average of 50 different professionals per restaurant every year. The owners find themselves, on average, nine times a month looking for extra staff. While, the cost of hiring and training a new employee is around 5,000 euros. A huge waste of money and time, to which is added another difficulty: the asymmetry of information.

What do you mean?

The restaurateurs, analyzing a curriculum, do not know if the listed professionals are real. This is why we have studied a system of fifty certified skills badges , which each professional can show in their profile and which can be obtained by attending courses available on the platform itself or thanks to the reviews of the owners with whom they have worked previously.

There are several platforms that connect job supply and demand. What gap does Ristocall want to fill?

There are several generic Job Matching platforms , such as Linkedin. There are also other companies that certify skills through training courses. Ristocall merges these two models, with a vertical approach on a single sector. In addition, we are the only ones to offer a service for extra performance, which guarantees us more frequent accesses on the platform.

After months of closures, many have changed jobs. The world of catering is facing an unprecedented “vocation crisis”. What’s the situation?

It is estimated that between now and the beginning of the summer, three hundred thousand locals will be looking for staff to reopen. An unprecedented demand at the time of lesser availability than ever and a market opportunity that amounts to around 11 billion euros. As for Ristocall, initially the demand for work far exceeded the number of open positions. In recent weeks we have been witnessing a radical change in the trend and a leveling of percentages. To be clear: the cost of acquiring a user who owns a business, through online advertising, was initially 8 or 9 euros, now we are 40 cents.

Did you also change Ristocall’s mission a bit for this reason?

We started as a solution to the problems of finding extra occasional staff at the last minute, now we guarantee the same service for long-term working relationships.

Do you think this difficult moment could represent the beginning of a rebirth for the whole sector and for the professions related to catering?

We are witnessing a kind of natural selection: on the one hand, the professionals who are left in the industry are the ones who really want to do this in life. On the other hand, the best entrepreneurs are willing to pay fair pay and therefore have fewer difficulties in recruiting.

You are already present in most of the Italian regions, you have already attracted the attention of realities such as Pescaria and M’indujo , what are your next goals?

Definitely consolidate the Italian market, through the closure of the investment round, which will also allow us to start interfacing with international markets such as Germany and the United Kingdom.

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