Rimini: find out what the Beer of the Year is

Rimini: find out what the Beer of the Year is

On February 16, 2019 during Beer Attraction in Rimini, the Beer of the Year 2019 will be decreed, with a jury of more than 100 experts in the sector.

There will be brewing excellences from all over Italy and, among these, the best national craft brewery will be awarded. In Rimini , on February 16 during Beer Attraction , there will be the fourteenth edition of Beer of the Year ,next weekend in rimini the beer and brewer of the year will be decidedcompetition promoted by Unionbirrai together with Italian Exhibition Group – Fiera di Rimini, with the award that will be given at 2 pm in the Beer Arena in Hall C3. The Beer of the Year award will decree the 5 best craft beers for each category, reserving the podium for the first ones 3 classified, and a possible honorable mention for the fourth and fifth classified. The title of Brewery of the Year , on the other hand, will go to the producer who will have obtained the highest sum of scores among its three best positioned beers in competition.

Also this year 41 categories in competition , judging by an attentive international jury made up of over 100 connoisseurs from Italy, Europe and the United States, who will take care of bringing the most valid productions among those participating in the competition to the podium. The voting will take place between 14 and 15 February and the winners will be announced among the  994 beers presented by 327 producers . The jurors will work without knowing the name of the beer and the manufacturer: for each product, only the category of registration, the degrees plato, the alcoholic degrees and any production characteristics such as flavoring or spiciness will be reported.

Among the registered beers, the usual primacy of American Pale Ale and India Pale Ale  in all their forms is confirmed , which alone represent 10% of total registrations, a real passion for Italian producers. It is also confirmed for NEIPAs (New England IPAs), with a strong glaze and massively hopped, with an aroma dominated by hints of tropical or ripe fruit. In addition, a still uncommon style is growing, that of  Brut IPA , with strong hopping and high carbonation, distinctly dry, which can recall the drinkability of a champagne or a sparkling wine. The return of the interest of Italian master brewers for  low fermentation and space, moreover, to the use of local ingredients , such as innovative cereals, fruit, honey and chestnuts from the breweries ‘territory, to signal the brewers’ great bond with their land and the uniqueness of the beers produced.

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