Rimini: at Beer Attraction to elect the Beer of the Year 2018

Rimini: at Beer Attraction to elect the Beer of the Year 2018

In Rimini from 17 to 20 February there is Beer Attraction, an event during which 1650 Italian craft beers will compete for the title of Beer of the Year.

The most important craft beer competition in Italy returns to Rimini on the occasion of the Beer Attraction trade fair from 17 to 20 February . This is Beer of the Year , promoted by the Unionbirrai trade association , together with Italian Exhibition Group – Fiera di Rimini.


It is a very authoritative contest whose results are somewhat expected in the sector. Registrations have recently closed and the numbers, again this year, are remarkable: 1650 Italian craft beers entered in the competition , from 279 producers, about 20% more than the last edition.this year there will be 41 categories, compared to 29 last yearThe categories in which it was possible to register the beers are 41, compared to 29 last year, and underline the will of the organizing association to enhance the diversity found in the production of Italian craft beer and to facilitate the evaluation work of the 84 judges from all over the world. The IGAs , for example, will be evaluated in two different categories, depending on whether the white or red berried fruit is used. The same fate befell the White and Black IPAs, which no longer represent a sub-genre of the Specialty IPAs but two distinct sections. Another novelty, in fact, is the further streamlining of the IPA category, which is always quite crowded: NEIPAs, the so-called juicy beers , belong to their own category., as well as the Session, APA, AIPA or IPA that they are, that is, beers with a very low alcohol content.


Lorenzo Kuaska Dabove will give us the names of the winners during the award ceremony which will take place on Saturday 17 February at 2:00 pm at the Beer Arena (hall C5) within the Beer Attraction trade fair event. There will be three for each category in the race, with possible honorable mention for the fourth and fifth classified. Another prize will be awarded to the brewery which, with three of the best positioned beers in the competition, will have obtained the best sum of scores. The 2017 Brewery of the Year award , for the fourth time in 12 years, went to Baladin , who with his couch beers (Lune, Xyauyu and Xyauyu Barrel) and the National team won first places.

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