Reopening: what can be done from April 26th

From 26 April the yellow areas should return to Italy: this would also mean the reopening of restaurants and bars, for lunch and dinner.


UPDATE 22/04: With the approval yesterday 21 April by the Council of Ministers of the new anti-Covid decree, the anticipated measures remain confirmed , which will come into force starting from 26 April and will remain so until 31 July next, except improvements. Starting from that date, bars and restaurants, therefore, reopen in the yellow zone for lunch and dinner only in the open spaces , while for the reopening indoors it will be necessary to wait until June 1st . Takeaway and home delivery confirmed, which continue to be allowed in compliance with the curfew times , still scheduled from 10pm to 5amin the morning, at least until June. The curfew has long remained a battleground in the discussion between the majority forces, with the center-right asking for it to be moved at least until 11pm. A tough head-to-head between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Lega leader Matteo Salvini, then won  by the inflexible line of the first, with the abstention of the Carroccio party to vote on the decree.

Starting from April 26th , restaurants and bars in the yellow zone and with outdoor tables will be able to reopen, both for lunch and dinner . From 1 June also indoors, but only for lunch. These are the indications that emerged from the latest control room on the Covid emergency, held last Friday by the government with some of its representatives and confirmed by Prime Minister Mario Draghi during a press conference at Palazzo Chigi.

The government forecasts

Slightly in advance of the requests of the Ministry of Health – which would have wanted to reopen from the beginning of May – the yellow areas will return on April 26, where outdoor activities will be able to reopen .good individual behavior, according to the rules already in force, is fundamentalThese also include clubs, restaurants and bars, but only those able to guarantee outdoor dining. “ A reasoned risk – explained Draghi –  based on data that are improving. This risk that the government has taken, and which certainly meets the expectations of citizens, is based on a premise: that those measures that govern behavior in the reopened businesses are scrupulously observed “. The Prime Minister then referred to the need for these indications to be enforced by the Regions , local authorities and the police, in a strong awareness campaign. Thus responding, in fact, to the requests received in recent days, precisely from the various regional Governors, the first to ask to allow businesses to be able to resume work.

What can be done from April 26th and June 1st

On April 26, those who have an outdoor space available will therefore be able to start working on two shifts, lunch and dinner, with outdoor tables . From 1 June , subject to changes, the indoor premises will also be able to reopen, but only for lunch . All this always respecting the distance , the correct use of the masks and the rules for sanitation . And, above all, the curfew time, still imposed with a deadline at 10pm. ” In this way – concluded Draghi – it translates into an extraordinary opportunity, not only for the economy, but for our social life “.

Waiting for the official

The anticipated measures will in any case have to be confirmed by a new provision, a decree that should arrive within the next week , which should also define in detail the new rules envisaged for travel within the national territory. Based on the data that will emerge in the next few days – the new monitoring of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità is expected for 23 April – it will be necessary to clarify even if the rules on the spacing of the tables will have to be revised , as well as those for any service at the counter.

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