Remembering Gualtiero Marchesi at the cinema on 20 and 21 March

Remembering Gualtiero Marchesi at the cinema on 20 and 21 March

by Walter Farnetti 
Gualtiero Marchesi
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Gualtiero Marchesi The Great Italian is a documentary to remember the famous chef, who passed away last summer: the film will be in cinemas on 20 and 21 March.

1981, Gold and saffron rice. 1982, Raviolo opened. 1983, Sepia al nero. They are dishes that have a date, an unmistakable signature, perfectly recognizable and have become true icons of world gastronomy.a documentary dedicated to marquises in Italian cinemas on 20 and 21 MarchIn the fish Dripping on a very light mayonnaise squid, clams, parsley, squid ink, tomato are dripping; the cuttlefish ink preserves the monkfish in the very modern Red and Black; Venere rice can rise in a magnificent pyramid protected by shrimps and squid, while the traditional Milanese cutlet breaks down into geometric cubes. “ Mine is the cuisine of truth, that is of form, therefore of matter ” marks the flat voice of Gualtiero Marchesi in a documentary dedicated to his memory . The film will appear in theaters on March 20 and 21 , with a title that summarizes the reasons: ” Gualtiero Marchesi, the great Italian “.

gualtiero marchesi

To understand his revolutions, the substratum that has been able to generate them, the suggestions that the master has always been able to grasp, the film travels between Milan, Venice, Florence, Trieste, up to France, accompanied by the soundtrack specially composed by cellist Giovanni Sollima, to underline how Marchesi was also a great connoisseur of music. A recompose the figure of a man who knew how to brighten the kitchen and elevate it to an art form, which has been able to live it as an intellectual adventure, then they combine many voices, many memories, those of his students (from Bottura to Oldani , from Cracco in Knam , passing through Crippa , Berton and Ghezzi), of the great French chefs ( Ducasse , Troisgros , Alleno , Haeberlin ), of legendary characters such as Arrigo Cipriani and Giorgio Pinchiorri .


There must be at least two lives that the director Maurizio Gigola tried to condense in the 80 minutes of the documentary: on the one hand the biography of Marchesi, who was born into a family of restaurateurs and collaborated in the family hotel before founding his own restaurant in the 1977 and get 3 Michelin stars in 1986 (first case in Italy) ;wins 3 Michelin stars in 1986: it is the first in Italyon the other hand, the almost independent history of its cuisine, which has ended up ennobling the entire Italian tradition and building a new concept of national gastronomy, which has since been re-evaluated in a modern sense all over the world. “ He looked at the past in a critical rather than a nostalgic way”, Massimo Bottura affirmed“ and took it into the future ”; “He is limitless”, Ernst Knam commented. In all of them there remains the memory of a sensitive and inexorable person, who was able to express himself with very rare inner strength and with indestructible inspiration. It should be remembered that if a kitchen has ever earned the big screen, thanks to its colors, respect for the nature of every food, the dimensions borrowed from art, the devotion to form, none deserves it more than that. by Gualtiero Marchesi; as the subtitle says, “ the man who revolutionized Italian cuisine ”.

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