Recipes without cooking, 21 ideas to fight the heat

Recipes without cooking, 21 ideas to fight the heat

The arrival of summer brings fresh and easy-to-prepare dishes to the table. Here are 21 no-bake recipes to try right away.

Who knows why the idea of ​​satisfying and appetizing recipes is most often associated with sophisticated and time-consuming cooking methods. when the heat prevails, it is better to turn off the oven and stove The consequence is that with the arrival of summer and the first hot dishes, the search for dishes without cooking , that is cold and quick dishes, is seen as a sort of makeshift, a price to pay: quick and practical meals, but not so tasty and intriguing. In reality, the ideas to bring to the table without resorting to the stove are anything but synonymous with poor flavor, quite the contrary. The difference in these cases is the choice of the right dressing and the perfect balance of ingredients and textures. Think of colorful salads enriched with dried fruit and creamy dressings, or the vast world of fish carpaccio, or the trendy poke with their freshness. Ready to turn off the stove?


  1. Swordfish tartare with lime, capers and mustard sprouts . A refined dish to show off on important occasions when you don’t have enough time available. The amazement of your guests will be guaranteed. Choose fresh swordfish of excellent quality, cut it into very thin slices, season it with the juice of a lime and oil and let it rest for about half an hour. Add the capers and complete with the mustard sprouts.
  2. Panzanella with burrata . A decidedly more appetizing version of the usual panzanella to cheer the most persistent appetites. Proceed following the steps of the classic recipe, but instead of tuna – or even in addition – put fresh burrata at the base of the dish that you will cover with a generous layer of panzanella, a few basil leaves and a handful of cherry tomatoes. For an extra touch of flavor, don’t forget to add some anchovies.
  3. Tuna poke . From a typical recipe of Hawaiian cuisine, poke is increasingly becoming a local dish thanks to its many advantages: healthy, practical and delicious. Experiment with the variant you prefer as long as all the ingredients are raw and there is a right balance between the protein part represented by the fish – tuna, shrimp or salmon – and the sugary part of vegetables or fruit.
  4. Zucchini salad . A different salad than usual, perfect for hot summer days and especially recommended for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. The flavor and crunchy note is given by dried fruit added at will: walnuts, pistachios and almonds are combined with an emulsion based on oil, salt, lemon juice and fresh basil. To complete it all there is the tofu that you can replace with real cheese, such as feta or mozzarella.
  5. Kongguksu . In Korea, kongguksu represents the cold version of the classic steaming noodles found in traditional Asian cuisine. If you want broth without giving up the desire for freshness, this is the dish for you. A cold soup made from soy milk in which wheat noodles enriched with finely chopped cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots are dipped.
  6. Real octopus carpaccio . Octopus recipes are a must of the summer season. And they are even more so when there is no type of cooking, as in the case of carpaccio. Get advice from your trusted fishmonger and buy a carpaccio that is beautifully thin and soft. Season it as you prefer, without forgetting to add oil, lemon, spices and flavorings.
  7. Waldorf salad . Perhaps one of the few recipes of American origin not to be characterized by high-calorie ingredients. In America, even the simplest salad can have the same fat as a plate of French fries: the fault of the type of dressing and cooking of the food. This is not the case with the Waldorf salad in its original version based on celeriac and apples, enriched by the mere addition of mayonnaise. If you are looking for something more substantial you can add some walnuts and a sour cream dressing.
  8. Mexican ceviche . When we talk about ceviche we refer to a particular type of preparation that sees raw fish marinated in a citrus emulsion based on oil, lemon and various spices. The Mexican version stands out for the addition of different types of fruit and vegetables and for the choice of the type of fish that can range from tuna to octopus, swordfish or shrimp. In any case, since it does not require any type of cooking, ceviche is perfect to serve as an appetizer of a summer lunch or dinner, even better if accompanied by a nice cool glass of white wine.
  9. Salted salmon cheesecake . Take a cue from pastry to create savory variations on the theme. To make the salmon cheesecake you will need bread sticks or crumbled friselle to create the base and a mixture of fresh cheese and liquid cream to make the filling. Complete with smoked salmon flavored with the addition of aromatic herbs. Leave to rest in the refrigerator and serve in the form of a practical and delicious finger food.
  10. Cold melon cream with skewers of mozzarella and ham . A reinterpretation of the classic combination of ham and melon that will intrigue even the most habitual palates. First make the cold melon cream by blending it with ice cubes. Season with a pinch of salt, a piece of fresh grated ginger and a drizzle of oil. Accompany your portions of cream with the skewers of ham and mozzarella and summer is served.
  11. Zucchini rolls with cashews . Here is the idea for a fresh and light appetizer, but at the same time extremely tasty. Perfect for all tastes and for all food needs – both vegan and vegetarian – these rolls require very little preparation time for a truly captivating result.
  12. Carrot meatballs . A healthy and original idea to serve carrots without cooking them. Just blend them together with the other ingredients and indulge yourself in the choice of breading to create meatballs with a different and tasty flavor every time. Bring them to the table as an appetizer finger food or for a quick aperitif.
  13. Peach and tofu salad . A dish with an exotic taste, rich in all the necessary nutrients and very easy to prepare. If you don’t want to cook any of the ingredients, you can leave the tofu natural and season it with a marinade based on lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper. Prepare the other ingredients you will need for the salad – carrots, valerian, tomatoes – and complete with the sweet touch of fresh peaches.
  14. Rainbow salad with chickpeas and peppers . A complete dish that you can easily serve as a single course. Use precooked chickpeas, drain and add them to the sunflower seeds, olives and thinly sliced ​​pepper. Complete with your favorite leaf salad and dress with an emulsion of oil and lemon.
  15. Zucchini carpaccio with goat cheese with herbs . Only two ingredients to create a dish that will delight even the little ones: play with the different ways of serving your carpaccio in order to make it always different and original. Also, do not forget that the flavor of the zucchini will be enhanced by the flavor of the goat cheese with herbs, creating an exciting combination.
  16. Caprese . It is one of the most frequently used recipes during the summer season. The reasons are many: first of all, the ease of execution (with only two main ingredients), and secondly, the freshness that fresh tomatoes release that bind perfectly with the sweetness and softness of mozzarella (preferably buffalo mozzarella) . To be completed strictly with a drizzle of raw oil and a few fresh basil leaves.
  17. Melon carpaccio . Elegant alternative to the classic version of ham and melon. If you are looking for an idea to serve at a gourmet lunch, this is the recipe for you. Cut the melon very thin and season with red onion, bean sprouts, oil, salt and pepper. For an extra touch, don’t forget the addition of dried tomatoes.
  18. Cream of bread and almonds . The idea of ​​comfort food associated with a delicious cream persists even during the summer season. The secret is to choose ingredients that blend perfectly with each other: in this case, the breadcrumbs softened in milk are blended together with Parmesan, almonds and a clove of garlic. If you do not like the arrogance of the latter you can blanch it slightly (the only exception to the absence of cooking but for a good cause) in cold water before adding it.
  19. tzatzikiTzatziki . In Greece it is accompanied by pite (traditional focaccia) or served as a topping on meat skewers (souvlaki), but there is no shortage of opportunities to enjoy it alone as a refreshing appetizer in which to dip raw seasonal vegetables. Greek yogurt, as the main ingredient, is flavored with a generous spice mix, and blended to achieve a perfectly smooth and creamy consistency.
  20. Crostini with hummus and sweet paprika . It is known that hummus goes well with a great variety of foods, making it a versatile and inflated recipe, especially in summer. Spread it on toasted bread and enrich it with sweet paprika: you will get a dish complete with all the nutrients to enjoy in the open air.
  21. Gazpacho . The fact that this recipe has its origins in a region, like the Andalusian one, which is particularly warm and sunny, is certainly not a coincidence. The freshness of gazpacho is given by the presence of vegetables – peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers – which once blended together with Greek yogurt are cooled by ice cubes. Serve it with warm croutons to create a pleasant contrast of temperature and textures.

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