Rainbow to drink: 7 Color Tea

Rainbow to drink: 7 Color Tea

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, the new drink that everyone wants, locals and tourists alike, is Seven Color Tea, a rainbow-colored drink waiting to be discovered.

tea of ​​seven different colors , flavors and aromas: would you like it? If you go to Dhaka , the capital of Bangladesh, take the time to visit the Taltola market;different types of local and Chinese tea are mixed with milk and spicesright there, recently, a gentleman named Saiful Islam opened a small shop specializing in the preparation of Seven color tea . And he is keen to let it be known that he and his collaborators do not use any chemical substance: “We mix – he explains – different types of local tea grown in China, three blacks and one green, with milk and various spices. Each blend has a distinct color and flavor, I pour one over the other to create seven distinct bands of colors including orange, black, white, strawberry, milky and green ”. The effect is of great impact. The taste is great. But there is an obligation to point out that the idea is not of the good Saiful.

It all started 10 years ago

A decade ago Romesh Ram Gour , owner of the Nilkantha Tea Cabin in Sreemangal, southern Bangladesh, about 200 km from Dhaka, after long experiments he managed to develop a particular technique to superimpose several layers of tea in the same glass . The success was immediate: thousands of onlookers and enthusiasts, since then, have traveled for many hours just to sip the original drink. Romesh Ram Gour, today, is a real celebrity; they nicknamed him The Alchemist. Understandably, he never disclosed the ingredients and procedure for making his rainbow tea to anyone. Of course, it can even reach 10 layers. And we know that he prefers to use local tea leaves, to which he adds milk, flavorings and spices.

What is the secret?

Some time ago The Wall Street Journal boldly grappled with the description of Rangdhonu tea (as Romesh Ram Gour ‘s creation is also called), putting in black and white that there is ground cinnamon on the surface,the recipe remains secret, some try to identify the various layersthe fourth layer is a black tea mixed with condensed milk and the final one is instead a green tea enriched with cinnamon, but also with cloves and another ingredient not yet identified. Romesh laughs, and continues to be silent. In the meantime, however, dozens of people all over Bangladesh have tried to reproduce this special tea. And this is where Saiful Islam comes into play, which ensures that he has studied a lot and finally “ acquired the secret technique“. When he achieved a more than satisfactory result, he moved to Dhaka and started his bet. A bet so far won, judging by the allow his seven-color tea is getting. Even Islam, like Gour, leaves a veil of mystery on the recipe. He just said that the white layer contains ginger, so it’s especially good for your health. So much so.

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