Quarantini, the online cocktail at the time of quarantine

Quarantini, the online cocktail at the time of quarantine

In times of quarantine, the network gears up to make imprisonment lighter: this is how Quarantini is born, a cocktail to drink via webcam with friends.

It’s the cocktail of the moment. To be sipped strictly alone, at the most on webcam with friends . In times of Coronavirus the only solution, with the bars closed and the obligation to stay at home, is to drink a Quarantini . This fantasy cocktail immediately became very popular on social media and on the web in general. For some, it would be nothing more than a martini to drink in solitude or at most in videochat with the most faithful drunk companions. For others, however, it is a cocktail in all respects and several recipes are already circulating on the net .

Quarantini recipe

The most fun is made of vodka or gin, honey, lemon and Vitamin C . The basic idea is that alcohol is an ally in killing germs,the basic recipe includes vodka or gin, honey, lemon and vitamin cwhile honey and lemon would help the immune defenses like vitamin C. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence on the effectiveness of the individual ingredients against Covid-19, even less on the benefits of the drink on health in general. For those who still want to try to prepare this drink, a few essential ingredients are needed more or less within everyone’s reach, even in times of overrun supermarkets. Vodka or gin, lemon and honey should be used, to be shaken together. Vitamin C can be fixed on the rim of the glass, after having wet it with water, lemon or honey as is sometimes done for other cocktails. Otherwise you can directly add vitamin C to Quarantini in the shaker.

There are those who suggest a shot of vitamin C followed by a nice sip of a cocktail. In short, there are several alternatives even if one of the most famous companies in the United States that produces vitamin C tablets, the Emergen-C strongly advises against the use of the product with alcohol. This stance became necessary after entire cocktail recipe books began to be disseminated on the web where the great classics such as Negroni and Old Fashioned are re-proposed with the addition of vitamin C.

Other versions

Returning to Quarantini, the vitamin C recipe circulating on the Internet is not the only one. There are those returning from Spain who proposed the Hispanic version based on Tito’s Vodka, slices of orange and vermouth . On Twitter, however, many suggest this version, renamed the Quarantine , for real bartenders: 2 measures of bourbon , 1 measure of lemon juice, 3/4 of Luxardo liqueur and 1/4 of food syrup. All versions that deserve to be tried quietly at home to certainly fight loneliness in this very special moment, even if the secret to the perfect cocktail is and always remains the same: drinking in company, even if via webcam .

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