Polenta cauldron: better traditional or electric?

Polenta cauldron: better traditional or electric?

Do you want to buy a cauldron to prepare polenta but you don’t know whether to choose the traditional or the electric one? We give you some advice.

Our grandmothers would have shivered in front of ready-made polenta preparations : they certainly won’t have the same genuine taste as the recipes of the past, but they manage to cut down the processing times by far.our grandmothers relied on the traditional cauldronThe secret of a smooth and creamy polenta lies in the patience and time it takes to mix the flour with the water with dedication. This operation requires some attention: even a small distraction could cause lumps or burns on the bottom, compromising the final result. Our grandmothers knew it all too well and used to equip themselves with the traditional pot for polenta into which the flour and boiling salted water were poured and mixed with a simple wooden spoon until the correct consistency.

This tool – far from being a mere habit of past times – still remains today the best ally to try one’s hand in the preparation of polenta without running the risk of it sticking to the bottom or drying out too much. It is good to say, however, that alongside the classic cauldrons with the strictly copper container, it is increasingly easier to find on the market also the electric version equipped with a motor that will solve all your problems of time and effort. Which one to choose? Here are some suggestions.

Traditional cauldron

It differs in nothing from the classic one except for the lack of the chain that was used to hook it to the fireplace where the cooking took place. Today the traditional cauldron has two handles on the sides and a resistant copper container . The choice of this material is confirmed as the best ever due to its excellent thermal conductivity which allows uniform heat distribution. In this way the polenta does not risk burning or sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Electric cauldron

In practice it is a pot with a traditional structure to which is added an engine equipped with a rotating arm . This is fixed to the top and ensures a continuous movement of the ingredients with the possibility of adjusting their speed as well. The success of electric cauldrons is due to their extreme efficiency : the motor perfectly replaces the manual movement of the wooden spoon without compromising the result in terms of consistency and flavor. Obviously, even in the electric version we find mostly copper containers.


  1. Traditional Trentino copper cauldron . Its dimensions – weight of 3.4 kg, ten tenths of thickness and rounded bottom – make it perfect for preparations suitable for up to 15 people. The strictly copper container also possesses the excellent quality standards of Trentino production.
  2. Barazzoni – Special Cooking . Not copper, but high thickness die-cast aluminum with 5-layer Marmotech non-stick internal coating. The particular composition guarantees results comparable to those obtained with classic copper containers. In addition, it is suitable for all heat sources, with the exception of the oven and induction hobs.
  3. Aeternum New Trudi . Traditional cauldron with innovative features: it has, in fact, a coating reinforced with stone particles and an aluminum body and anti-scratch paint. It is particularly practical and easy to handle thanks to the presence of heat-resistant bakelite handles.
  4. Ardes AR2480 . Large electric cauldron with a capacity of 3.5 liters of water and 700 g of flour. Equipped with a removable motor with exclusive bayonet fixing and with a rotation speed of almost two revolutions per minute, essential for obtaining a smooth and creamy consistency.
  5. Macom Just Kitchen 851 . A container made of 99.9% copper and a power of 400 W make this electric cauldron the ideal choice for preparing large quantities of excellent quality polenta.
  6. Nuova Fac: copper cauldron . A brand with over 40 years of experience in the field of kitchen and household products. The container is in hammered copper with a flat bottom, the motor of 300 W and the capacity of 14 liters.

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