Pipero Dixit: how to serve wine

Pipero Dixit: how to serve wine

Pipero teaches us how to serve wine

Serving wine correctly shouldn’t only be the prerogative of experts: here are all the tips from Alessandro Pipero to avoid missing a beat.

The wine expert is a figure that we all fear after all. Cheeky, perhaps with a polka dot handkerchief around his neck, slightly shadowy: he approaches the table and slaughters you with the tannins. The wine expert is unflappable (you can die and resurrect a couple of times during his disquisition),alessandro pipero first of all invites us to drink wellin love with himself (your wife may die in the meantime and would not notice it) and, precisely, an expert in wines, therefore in possession of the most powerful collection of anecdotes about grapes (which he calls grapes ). Fortunately, some wine experts are like Alessandro Pipero , so first you need to know the rules and then break them; and that in the second instance invites us to drink a lot and well, so as to quickly confuse any kind of discussion in alcohol. Here are some wine service tips that will make you look refined without becoming annoying.


  1. pipero-temperatureTemperature . The first lesson of cultural relativism that Pipero offers us concerns the temperature: when we say environment , we should think of the environment suitable for wine and not for man. For some aunts Rosalie, for example, the house is cool when it reaches 52 degrees. The cellar must be comfortable for wines: bubbles in the fridge, chilled reds, fine wines lying down.
  2. pipero-bottle-openingHow to open the bottle . Many also dream of the unscrewable plastic water cap for wines (if not the adult bottle version of certain camping bottles). For now we have cork and chipboard. Pipero uses the corkscrew, a saucer, a napkin and two glasses. With the knife of the corkscrew the capsule is removed, while the spiral slips with ease into the center of the cork, rotating until we are ready to extract. This is the sublime moment in which you bring the cork to your nose: if you smell the wine, all take it easy; if we hear the cork, we start all over again, with the now proverbial joke: “It tastes like cork“. The napkin is then passed over the neck of the bottle and the corkscrew is placed on the saucer, so that each object elegantly finds its place in the ritual. With sparkling wines remember, after removing the cage, to rotate the bottle and not the cork, just to avoid drinking the cork.
  3. pipero-serve-wineHow the wine is served . Another almost alchemical practice is that of vinification , able, especially as regards reds, to remove any dusty residues. The first of the two glasses we are using must be slightly wet with a little wine, over the entire surface; the wine used in this phase is used to taste (with the second glass), while at the moment of serving (again in the first) the wine will come into direct contact with the wine and not with the crystal. If it all seemed too simple to you, take care to save the scenographic sense with many voluptuous moves (usually, with a napkin to dry here and there) and with the exhumation of objects such as the decanter.

After understanding how to serve every type of wine to perfection, a special thanks goes to our sponsor  Bonaventura Maschio .

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