Phenomenology of the Irish Pub in Italy: why they are so widespread and what makes them fascinating

Phenomenology of the Irish Pub in Italy: why they are so widespread and what makes them fascinating

In the north and south of Italy there are many Irish Pubs that are inspired by the spirit of Ireland. Because? Let’s discover the secrets of this success.

Cozy and convivial atmosphere and a nice mug of beer. These are some of the simple ingredients that have contributed to making the Irish Pub and its culture popular around the world. A very long history and tradition:a sharing place where you can feel at homethink that the oldest pub in Ireland is Athlone’s Sean’s Bar, in the heart of the green island, which dates back to 900 AD More than 1100 years of toast, song and dance. What makes this Irish institution truly unique is the setting. For many they were second (if not first) homes, the place to recover from the fatigue of travel or work, from love disappointments, from economic problems or where to celebrate the good news. A place where the manager knew you by name and where, after a few minutes, joys and sorrows were shared with those who were next to the counter but also with those at the most distant table. The Irish Pub was a big family, to be involved in every occasion, from weddings to funerals, from baptisms to birthdays, drinking Irish beer or whiskey, listening to local music played live.

A true pillar of the community and it is still so today in Ireland where there are tens of thousands of these realities. And not only there. The format of the Irish Pub is very widespread all over the world with thousands of places scattered between different continents and different countries, Europe and, of course, Italy included. From the North to the South of the Peninsula there are many places that are inspired by tradition, perhaps with furnishings from Ireland, Celtic music and a selection of drinks designed ad hoc. But why so much success in the land of wine?

Timeless charm

There are many reasons that also push us Italians to hole up in these Irish-inspired places. Which? Let’s start with the offer: we like beer and we like it more and more. Just think that in 2018 we drank more than 20 million hectoliters (+ 3.2%) according to Assobirra.Italians like beer and they know it well in Irish pubs“ More than three out of four Italians (77%), with homogeneous values ​​in the different areas of the country, consume beer and do so mainly with meals “, reads the report. And, moreover, as the Irish Pub Company, a reference point for this world, also points out, the modern Irish Pub must accompany the drinks menu with quality foods, perhaps not too elaborate, but possibly made with local raw materials. At The Shamrock Pub in Lecco, for example, you can find the hamburger with the typical taleggio cheese from Valsassina. At Mulligans in Milan you can start the evening with a platter of selected cold cuts and cheeses, while at the Kinsale pub in Nettuno, you can’t miss the pizza alla pala. More strictly Anglo-Saxon proposals are therefore mixed with flavors and aromas of our tradition and perhaps with some other delicious recipe inspired by this world, such as Guinness beef or beer tiramisu .

Another ingredient fascinates us and is the fact that in the Irish Pub it is typical to follow the great sporting events , those that excite millions of Italians. In the most traditional clubs, the most transmitted sport is rugby, which also in Italy there are many fans, but very few places in which to share this passion.

You like the charm of this timeless, almost romantic place, with dark wood furniture and muffled light , which immediately make you think of the island where it all originated, a destination that attracts and makes more and more Italian tourists fall in love.even in Italy the feast of St. Patrick is always celebratedThe data from the Irish tourism board also reveal this: more than 400 thousand in 2018 with an increase of 12.6%. Just think of the success of the feast of St. Patrick , the patron saint of Ireland, on March 17, which every year attracts many initiatives (often in the name of beer) also in our country. And then the atmosphere. The Irish Pub is a place where you feel at home, where you make new friends and find yourself in joy and simplicity. All things that are part of our character, we who are among the most sunny and friendly people in the world. Ireland and Italy are countries that have a lot in common, so it should not be surprising that the format of the Irish Pub is also so popular along our Peninsula.

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