Overfishing must stop: WWF asks for signatures for a petition to the EU Parliament. Italy black jersey

Overfishing must stop: WWF asks for signatures for a petition to the EU Parliament. Italy black jersey

«We want more fish because we want a beautiful and healthy sea. And we want it NOW! A sea without fish is a dead sea ». This is the slogan with which the WWF collects signatures in view of the presentation of a letter to the President of the European Parliament and its members.

As already anticipated by Fattoalimentare.it , the debate on the reform of the EU fisheries policy has now begun in Brussels. European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Maria Damanaki has proposed a decisive intervention: there are too many fishing vessels in European seas and they catch excessive quantities of fish, compared to their ability to reproduce. A “vicious circle that needs to be stopped urgently” has been triggered.

Parliament expressed its support for the proposed reform while some Member States, France and Spain in particular, immediately objected. Italy in turn – with its 13,638 registered fishing vessels (16.1% of the European total by number, 10.1% by tonnage) – has the black jersey for trawling, in first place in Europe.

But you really can’t go on like this. “If no reform is implemented, only 8 out of 136 stocks will still have a sustainable level in 2022, said Maria Damanaki in an interview with the Gazzetta Ufficiale . In other words, if we don’t make structural changes to the way we manage fisheries, we will lose one stock after another. “

The WWF intervenes with a clear message, which is based among other things on the Commission’s studies and statements: overfishing has consumed fish stocks in Europe and in the world. There is little fish by now. And it is the fishermen, as well as us, who say it. More fish are caught than are born. Iconic species such as the bluefin tuna from the Mediterranean or the cod from the Atlantic have been exploited enormously for decades.

European citizens have the right to express their will to change course. Here is the text of the letter that WWF proposes to sign and send:

«To the President and members of the European Parliament. At an unsustainable pace, we have exploited the sea and its inhabitants. We all have responsibilities. There is no more fish and the fishing communities are struggling to survive. We need an ambitious and radical reform of the European Fisheries Policy. We ask you:

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