Opera is born, the new Baladin beer that uses beer vinegar

Opera, the new Baladin beer, uses an exceptional ingredient, produced in synergy with Acetaia San Giacomo: beer vinegar.

Copper color, slightly hinted sparkling, to the nose and taste “ evident hints of pastry, leavened, with fresh and slightly acidic notes “. It is a completely innovative gastronomic beer , which uses a unique technique, and is conceived as a cuddle aimed at the world of catering, severely slapped in the last year due to the pandemic. In a 75cl bottle, Opera is the last daughter of Baladin and inside it contains a very particular ingredient: beer vinegar .

Why the name Opera

Part of a project born initially to create a microbrewery inside the Opera prisons in Milan , social and training of prisoners – then postponed due to the pandemic that created problems inside and outside this reality – Opera still bears its name, since its processing and production had been carried on anyway.

A synergy between artisans

Opera was born from the synergy between the Piedmontese company and the San Giacomo di Novellara vinegar factory . Teo Musso , father of Baladin, and Andrea Bezzecchi , producer of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar DOP and other long-fermented vinegars are in fact long-time friends. And together, in the last year, they completed a job started 3 years earlier, creating Baladin beer vinegar , the result of a long fermentation, in static, which lasted about a year. “ We chose with Teo – explains Bezzecchi in the presentation webinar – what could be the ideal beer for the acetic base, a complex choice for the bitter component of the hops. Usually this is not found in classic vinegar “.

The beer vinegar

At almost the end of fermentation, at a temperature of 25 ° C, the base beer is combined with the beer vinegar, which allows the carbon dioxide produced during the fermentation process to be exploited to block the growth of acetobacteria. “ In the last 2 days – explains Musso – vinegar is added to the fermentation tanks, which lowers the alcohol content from the classic 9.8 / 9.9 to 8.6, partly final “. Unlike other Baladin bottled beers, Opera does not undergo the second fermentation process, just to avoid an excessive development of the acetic component. Once fermentation is complete, the beer is then decanted into a maturation vat for 3 weeks at a temperature of 0 ° C, a period of rest, with purging, which allows a natural clarification and the elimination of residual lees. And even at the time of packaging, attention is paid to not having residual oxygen inside the bottles, which would cause new development of acetobacteria.

Beer tasting

“ I would serve it – says Simonmattia Riva, world champion Biersommelier 2015 – at 12-14 ° C during the webinar , to give way to release the scents. On the palate, carbonation is the first factor: it is very subtle, of low intensity, but present, not flat, which helps to convey all the aromas and contribute to the refreshing part. And there is coherence with the nose, an initial sweet like a rich and buttery breaded brioche and dried fruit, immediately tempered by an acid swipe “.

A companion beer

What strikes chef Gennaro Esposito della Torre del Saracino, on the other hand, is his ability to make salivate , with acid and savory to completely involve the taste buds . ” It reminds me of spiced bread – he comments in his speech – and also the ancient flavor of the oxidation of cherries in alcohol, the resin, important flavors not used to find in beer “. And for the combinations he suggests: “I would combine it with a ‘good dish’, but also with a spaghetti sauce, seafood, together with a white meat, lamb. It is a companion beer, which helps in difficult moments, a totally different product from the common beer, the result of an elaborate and designed study path“.

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