On two wheels: the favorite places for bikers in Italy

On two wheels: the favorite places for bikers in Italy

Bikers are a tribe, with their own rituals, codes and signals. But also their own places, where you can feel at home as if on a motorcycle.

They travel the world on their motorcycles . They never part with it. They dictate their own lifestyle, with leather jackets, vests and various gadgets. Bikers are a tribe, with their own rituals, codes and signals. But also their own premises, where you can feel at home as if on a motorcycle. Here are the 10 best places to stop if you are a biker .


  1. Café degli Artisti (Cesenatico) . Famous for live music, it organizes many motorcycle themed events including the Biker Bikini Benefit. The event has reached its 26th edition. His goal is to raise funds to be allocated to the old people’s home in Cesenatico. 
  2. Crossroad Saloon (Bari) is one of the most popular places for motorcyclists from Puglia or visiting Puglia. Here it is possible to eat snacks, hamburgers , nachos, sandwiches and wraps, showering everything with rivers of beer and good cocktails. To cheer the bikers’ stay there are also evenings with lots of live music.
  3. Deus Cafe Milan . Milanese bikers have their point of reference in the Isola district. It is called Deus Cafè and is the meeting point for lovers of motorcycles, bicycles, but also good food and fashion. In reality it is a local son of the Australian brand Deus Ex Machina, which juggles between motorcycles, bicycles and surf. 
  4. Blues Bikers Motorcycle Pub (Milan) . From the meeting with some Harleyists during a trip in 1983, the guys who created this place fell in love with those bikes and thought that there was no point of reference where to meet. Here is the birth of the Blues Bikers Pub, the first motorcycle pub in Milan. After 30 years it is still the point of reference in the city for all Harley-Davidson enthusiasts.
  5. Rock on the Road (Desio) . Always remaining in Lombardy, another stop for bikers is the Rock on the Road in Desio. Many Italian bands perform here, in an environment entirely inspired by Halery-Davidson. In front of the restaurant there is a large parking lot with many outdoor tables, to always stay next to the motorcycles, even while eating.
  6. Kill Joy (Rome) is the perfect place for bikers in the capital. The atmosphere is country, but above all imbued with Harley-Davidson passion. Here you can range from pizza (served non-stop on Mondays) to kebabs. Lots of games and live music on Sunday.
  7. Geronimo’s Bikers Pub (Marino) . We are on the Via Appia di Marino, in the province of Rome. At Geronimo’s Bikers Pub , motorcyclists can enjoy good food, lots of live music and events dedicated to two wheels. Here the atmosphere is entirely dedicated to American Route 66, also celebrated in sumptuous barbecues.
  8. Rocker’s Pub (Catania) . Here it is not only the welcome that gets noticed, but also the giant burgers . We are at the Rocker’s Pub in Acireale, in the province of Catania. The American dish isn’t the only one on the menu. Sicilian bikers can refresh themselves with unique dishes, salads, wraps and lots of draft beer. The real gem of the place are the seven variations of fries.
  9. Special Mr Martini (Verona) . Mr Nicola Martini is the man who over time has become the reference point for customizers from all over the world. His is also the Special Mr Martini in Verona. Here you are greeted with a simple message: “ Welcome to this house, your home, your world. Here you are all special “. To enrich the experience of bikers, many gourmet dishes and many beautiful cafe racers to serve them.
  10. Unic Bikers Bar (Vanzago) . The world of stars and stripes – on two or four wheels, but above all on the plate – is the heart of the experience at theUnic Bikers Barin Vanzago, province of Milan. Gerry, the owner, is a true legend for American motor enthusiasts, thanks to the mega rallies organized in front of the club. The menu is strictlyborn in the USAand is accompanied by lots of good live music.

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