Oh there there: 5 French salads to try

Oh there there: 5 French salads to try

With the summer, the desire for fresh food increases: to try something new, we suggest 5 typical French salads to add to your repertoire.

Summer comes, the heat, the sea, and the desire to turn on the stove and even have lunch with something warm go away. The months from May to August are for many the salad season : to eat for lunch, dinner, at the restaurant but above all at home. However, if the usual lettuce and radicchio with tomatoes already seems boring, it’s time to change: for example, looking beyond the border, to 5 French salads to try during the summer and to propose again in every season.


  1. In Italy, the most famous of the French salads is the niçoise , or nicoise. The typical salad of Nice and the Côte d’Azur has in fact crossed the border for some time and established itself in Liguria, albeit with some variations. The French recipe in fact provides a base of lettuce or mixed salad with hard-boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, anchovy fillets and tuna in oil, black olives and strips of yellow or green peppers; in Liguria boiled potatoes and green beans are added, but the pepper often disappears. As a condiment, a simple vinaigrette with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper is recommended.
  2. Almost as well known is the Lyonnaise salad , originally from Lyon. The preparation is slightly more complex: among the ingredients, in addition to lettuce, curly salad and radicchio, there are in fact croutons, browned bacon and above all a poached egg, with a soft yolk to break to color and flavor the whole plate. In France, a few parsley leaves are used to add freshness; in Italy you can also think of a sweeter nuance with a balsamic vinegar dressing.
  3. More substantial is the Alsatian salad , from Alsace. The basic ingredients are boiled potatoes and cervelas , thick and spiced sausages with beef and pork. To complete the salad, add diced cheese, shallots and chives. For a dressing that matches such tasty ingredients, you need oil, salt, vinegar and a teaspoon of mustard.
  4. The Savoyard salad recipe is very varied, but the main ingredient invariably includes cheese: if possible, tomme , a low-fat, medium-aged mountain cheese. The cubes of tomme are combined with diced sausage or cooked ham, boiled potatoes, a few lettuce leaves or mixed salad. To be seasoned with mustard and honey. 
  5. Finally, the parisienne salad is perfect to get closer to the flavors of autumn: among the protagonists there are in fact the champignons, raw, sliced ​​as thin as possible. In addition to these, in the parisienne there are diced Emmental, hard-boiled eggs, strips of raw ham and a few leaves of lettuce. The typical condiment is vinaigrette, possibly with the addition of mustard.

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