Oat milk: because it is the heir of almond milk

Oat milk is a plant-based drink rich in properties and low-calorie, now considered the healthiest alternative to cow and almond milk.

The cow’s milk plant alternatives are gaining more and more people: a large proselytes army that not only include those who suffer from food allergies or have high cholesterol, but also those who follow a diet, those who identify in the healthy profile and who, more simply, he loves certain flavors. For some time now, oat milk has been gaining increasing popularity . Have you never heard of it, or did you happen to see it and it seemed like an unconvincing proposal? Wrong. We will change your mind.

What is oat milk

This vegetable drink is obtained by leaving the oats to soak for a few hours, so that they soften and release their flavor and substances into the water, blending the mixture and finally sieving it to obtain a homogeneous product completely free of lumps. Oat milk is mild, naturally sweet , so there is no need to add sugar. Of course, oats have a particular taste, you may not like them at all. But it’s worth trying the related milk, which actually has very little milk .

Beneficial properties

Oat milk contains antioxidant  substances – which counteract cellular aging – and many fibers , so it helps regulate intestinal transit; it helps to keep cholesterol and triglycerides under control , consequently it is also an ally in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It is suitable for diabetics , for those who need to contain blood sugar levels, and is rich in B vitamins , essential for an optimal functioning of the nervous system. It has anticancer properties and is a natural tranquilizer ; in times of stress, therefore, it can be very useful. Like other vegetable drinks, for example soy milk, it islow calorie .

Because it is considered the heir of almond milk

almond milk

Many believe that oat milk is the perfect heir to almond milk. The reasons? First of all, its production has a lower environmental impact : almonds require enormous quantities of water, while oats are generally grown as a winter cereal and the rains are almost entirely sufficient. Oat milk has essentially the same beneficial properties as almond milk, but the risk of allergies is significantly lower . Finally, as we know, in most cases almond milk contains high quantities of added sugars, oat milk does not: as regards the caloric intake, therefore, there is no competition at all.

How oat milk is consumed

Oat milk, by virtue of the benefits it brings to the body, is excellent for starting the day and as a snack. There are those who love to drink it like this, without anything else, and those who prefer to enrich it with fruit or cereals or accompany it with fresh bread or a sweet: there are no wrong partnerships in this regard. Try it with cocoa , you won’t regret it. Or flavor it with vanilla . And use it instead of cow’s milk also for the preparation of smoothies and milkshakes .

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