Now find the whiskey in capsules

Now find the whiskey in capsules

Glenlivet, a famous Scottish distillery, has produced the Whiskey Capsule Collection: the whiskey is sold in capsules to be swallowed on the fly.

” No ice. No stirrer. No glass. We’re redefining how whiskey can be enjoyed “: this is the tweet with which Glenlivet , the historic Scottish distillery, one of the largest and best known in the world, announced the arrival of scotch whiskey capsules .a whiskey in capsules to be swallowed without chewingThe capsules invented by Glenlivet officially debuted at London Cocktail Week a few weeks ago. Rectangular and gelatinous, born from the collaboration between the brand in question and the barman Alex Kraten , they have a size of 23 ml. The wrapper is made with a completely biodegradable seaweed extract and, as regards the content, you can choose between 3 cocktails based on Founder’s Reserve, a light single malt, spicy and with a delicate aroma; an easy liqueur that can please everyone or almost everyone, in short.

The ingredients of cocktails

The whiskey capsules contain 3 different cocktails . The protagonist, we repeat, is the Founder’s Reserve ; in the Citrus there are also lemon distillates, sherry, lilac and cordial with bergamot while the other ingredients of the Woods are the distilled sandalwood, the Aquavit Aged tayēr, the painful, the Red vermouth and the cedar cordial. The Spice finally contain – more than whiskey – Muyu vetiver gris, oloroso sherry, raspberry Verjus, bieer Walnut black and paychaud’s bitters. How to consume the capsules? “ Just take them – they reply from the famous distillery –  and ingest them, without even chewing them ”.

The controversy and the response

The aforementioned tweet posted by Glenglivet’s account aroused great curiosity, of course. But also unleashed a storm of controversy and ferocious criticism , obviously from users who simply relied on an announcement and some images to decree the rejection.whoever tried them gave a positive opinionThey wrote that it is heresy to use whiskey in cocktails, that the capsules are the same as the pods to be washed in the washing machine , that it is baby stuff, that they are made with who knows what, that you do not feel the aroma of the liquor and therefore they are. useless. From the few who have already had the opportunity to try the novelty, however, positive opinions have arrived . In any case, at one point the company’s response appeared on Twitter: “ It seems that our Capsule Collection has caused quite a stir: we wanted to reassure you that we are committed to producing products that are safe, responsible and delicious for the adults “. However, so far it has been something of an experiment. However, it seems that the capsules will soon land on the market.

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