Not just wine: what to eat at Vinòforum 2020

From 11 to 20 September, during Vinòforum 2020 in Rome, many chefs will take turns in the kitchen with their studied proposals: all menus.

Together with the 600 wineries and the 2500 labels for tasting, Vinòforum 2020 also hosts 31 great chefs , for ten days dedicated to the best wine-food combinations. The temporary restaurants in this edition – from 11 to 20 September at the Tor di Quinto park in Rome – favor the chefs of the capital and Lazio , once again following the policy of democratic eating , with dishes starting from 5 euros , to combine with champagnes from Krug, Dom Perignon, Veuve Cliquot, Moët & Chandon and Ruinart.

11 and 12 September

The first two days opens Anthony Genovese of Turnè (Rome), with a culinary proposal based on Asian cuisine : Beef salad, papaya, red onion and cucumbers, then Grilled ravioli, pork and caramelized onion, Panturnè with chicken cutlet, eggplant , miso and mango. Same day for Matteo Compagnucci and Sara Scarsella from Sintesi (Ariccia), who bring together oriental ideas, northern European techniques and universal flavors bringing ever new flavors to the table: Spaghetto, sour butter, oyster and glasswort; Pork belly, chanterelles in elderberry vinegar and white aubergine; Creamy corn on the cob, rosemary ice cream and crumble.

Paolo D'Ercole

There are also Paolo D’Ercole , cook from Eufrosino (Rome), with typical dishes of regional cuisine, revisited in a modern way : Calabrian eggplant meatballs cooked on the grill with ‘nduja mayonnaise, Pani ca’ meusa, Busiate with Trapani pesto . And Daniele Roppo from Il Marchese (Rome): carbonara, veal fillet like saltimbocca, pistachio tiramisu. Also present were Andrea Pasqualucci from Moma (Rome) – who offers arancini di Riso with saffron, Chitarrini alla Gricia and cold creamed zabaglione – and Maria Luisa Zaia – L’Oste della Bon’Ora (Grottaferrata), with the Cartoccio of fried dippers potatoes, durum wheat pasta, bacon, egg, pecorino cheese and pepper, chickpeas, celery, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, oil, vinegar, cod and bread.

13 and 14 September

These are the days of Tommaso Tonioni di Achilli at the Parliament (Rome), class ’89, dedicated to raw materials, with raw amberjack, peaches, almonds and sumac, barley, poppy and cardamomum herbal tea and Panna cotta, spirulina , caper syrup and marinated cucumber. There is also Yamamoto Eiji from Sushisen (Rome), who is inspired by the ancient and refined kaiseki tradition, revisited with new combinations. On its menu Salmon Yuzu Tartare, Black Cod Miso Zuke Yaki, Wagyu Sukiyaki Don. Only on the 13th there is Fabrizio Pagliaroni from Buccia (Sabaudia) who prepares the Falia di Pupillo with porchetta Buccia Made, the buffalo stew from the Lauretti farm with baby carrots, sweet and sour onions, puffed black rice, a macchiusi buffalo ricotta cappellaccio, mint and cocoa, cow’s tail sauce.

Another host is Federico Delmonte from Acciuga (Rome), who reinterprets seafood cuisine in an imaginative and rigorous key in his restaurant . His proposal: marinated lanzardo with broccoli puttanesca, marinara almond paste with anchovies, scallop, coconut, onion and lime. Paolo Borgese of Il Collegio (Rome), proposes the authenticity of the flavors of the past , using quality raw materials from small artisans of the Amatriciana basin. On its menu: fried anchovies with ginger mayonnaise, Amatrice curly gnocchi, mutton ragout and pork ribs, Roman-style saltimbocca with whipped potatoes in extra virgin olive oil.

There is also Marta Maffucci from Misticanza (Rome), a mainly vegetable format with proposals for dishes inspired by the seasons of the garden. His proposal includes carpaccio of watermelon, feta and jalapeños, red ravioli with ricotta stracciatella and basil, homemade seitan in saor. On horseback (14-15 September) is Stefano Caucci from Peppo al Cosimato (Rome) and his selection of sandwiches : with marinated croaker, port figs and sour cream; smoked paprika octopus sandwich with babaganoush sauce, confit cod sandwich, onion jam and saffron potatoes.

15 and 16 September

We find Gabriele Muro from Adelaide at Vilòn (Rome) with his simple, traditional and technical cuisine . The menu includes Il vizietto : Ombrina Sandwich, Scarola and Anchovy Mayonnaise; The most dumpling in Rome : Potato Gnocchi stuffed with Cacio e Pepe, Romanesque Zucchini and Sea Urchin; Don’t peek : Tahitian vanilla whipped ganache, soft core of hazelnut praline and chocolate biscuit. Together with him Roberto Campitelli , chef of Osteria di Monteverde (Rome), Roman cuisinewith variations dictated by personal taste. On the menu: panzanella of nerves and anchovies, with parsley kefir and tomato gazpacho; pappardella with stewed rabbit and olives; glazed sweetbread, salted eggnog and Roman courgette.

Eleonora Masella de La Credenza (Marino), a restaurant located inside an ancient cave of the ‘600, offers revisited regional dishes : millefeuille of savory frappe with stracciata mousse, capers and Cantabrian anchovies, tonnarelli, clams and monkfish with organic bottarga and lemon, octopus in saffron potato quenelle, capers and confit cherry tomatoes. While the offer by Pierluigi Gallo of Giulia Restaurant (Rome) brings to the stage an innovative minimalism . His recipes: eggplant parmigiana, gnoccheria, without spaghetti with clams.

There is also space for meat lovers with Duccio Bruttini from Beef Bazaar (Rome): Australian wagyu tartare with mango, smoked pecorino mousse with apple wood, sandwich with Canadian heritage roast beef, mixed salad and goat cheese with lime, Japanese wagyu carpaccio. Only on 16 September, however, the presence of Mirko Di Mattia of Level 1 (Rome), a fish restaurant with an adjoining fish shop. On the menu: bottoncino of bread with milk, fish burgers, guacamole, soy and mustard, squid with black sauce, potatoes and mixed salad, Felicetti pasta factory spaghetti, squid and coffee.

17 and 18 September

Ciro Scamardella brings Pipero’s carbonara to Tor di Quinto , together with an extraordinary maritozzo and stuffed Lettuce – our prawn cocktail . With him also arrive Adriano Baldassarre from L’Avvolgibile (Rome), a popular trattoria in the Appio Latino district (the menu is still to be defined) and Giuseppe Di Iorio from Aroma (Rome), with bean soup with mussels, nduja and croutons of garlic bread, red cherry tomato cream, pink shrimp and sour goat cheese and maltagliati made by us, yellow tomato sauce, glasswort and monkfish.

Other protagonists are Gen Nishimura and Mario Boni of Da Francesco (Rome), with the Paninetto with Iberian Pork, Leek, Miso and Porcino Crudo, Gricia with Truffle, Fried Abbacchio with Cacciatora Mayonnaise and Tommaso Pennestri of Trattoria Pennestri (Rome). aubergine, ginger and chilli pepper caponata menu, Roman-style gnocchi, rabbit ragout, sage and pecorino cheese, breaded boiled meatballs and chopped greens. There is also Mattia Filosa from Civico 57 in Formia, whose menu is still in progress.

19 and 20 September

The new bistro by Emanuele Paoloni , Aqualunae (Rome) lives in the temporary proposals: crispy ufala, rocket pesto, fermented apple paprika, pulled pork with beer and smoked paprika with wasabi coleslaw salad, seared octopus with purple cabbage salad, lime honey, eucalyptus, walnuts and coconut mousse with shellfish. There is also Eleonora Marziale of Centorti (Rome) opened in Centocelle together with Luca Marchetti. She cooks, he is the innkeeper and farmer, and they also manage a small biodynamic company that directly supplies vegetables to the restaurant. On the menu: puree of cicerchie from Rascio, wild mixed salad and ajo and ojo croutons, gnocchi with co ‘de soreca all’aglione, sandwich with mad thrush, chicory and sage in red wine.

Arcangelo Dandini from L’Arcangelo (Rome) also arrives , history and tradition of the Capitoline cuisine, with real roasted octopus, hazelnuts and porchetta, then bread, cod and broccoli, vanilla and provolone, Allesso in salad, Bernese, capers and tanning vegetables. And Giovanni Cappelli from Le Tamerici (Rome), who puts together a creamed carasau cod, olive powder and borettane onions, sweet and sour, Caprese burratina, tomato and basil, saffron gnocchetti, red shrimp, crustaceans and lime.

Davide Del Duca of Osteria Fernanda (Rome) proposes his sandwich, raw white fish, zucchini scapece and fermented fig mayo, Rigatoni all’arrabbiata  and mantis shrimp, pork rib, almond, dog rose and lovage. While Paolo Trippini of the homonymous restaurant in Civitella del Lago brings his risotto with roasted tomatoes, pecorino cheese and lemon, together with guinea fowl green beans, light hazelnut and scorzone truffle and rosemary eclair with ricotta with forest honey and black cherries.

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