Not just beer: the street food of Birròforum 2019

Not just beer: the street food of Birròforum 2019

Until Sunday 30 June 2019, Birròforum in Rome offers craft beers from all over Italy and street food from bbq to fried to Sicilian desserts.

Not just beer , this time there is also street food . For the 2019 edition of Birròforum , until Sunday 30 inside the Tor di Quinto Park in Rome , the offer also extends to street food, in a summer festival with live music, fitness, appointments for children and pet friendly activities. Alongside the 1 2 craft breweries present during the four days – Hammer, Birrificio Civale, East Side Brewing, Birra Turbacci, Brewfist, Oxiana, Chinaschi, Birrificio Messina, Gladiatore, Mastri Birrai Umbri, Alta Quota and I Beer – there will be a large and competitive food offer, divided into thematic areas.

The fresh pasta will be the work of the Maccheroni truck , with the first of the Italian tradition. Delicious and quality burgers thanks to the meats selected and processed by Chiancheria .from bbq to fried, from pizzas to Sicilian dessertsTo manage barbecues and smokers will be Mr Doyle – The Real Smoke Barbecue , the pit master par excellence. The fragrant fried foods will be signed by Capecchi Tradizione e Gusto , while Rosetta Italian Fast Casual will offer the sandwich in a gourmet version. There will therefore be the cold cuts and cheeses of Ercoli 1928 , which will also improvise an Amatriciana-themed food show, and the arrosticini and the DOP Ascolane olives signed by Fritto Misto . A Flour Pick Your Kind instead will be responsible for churning out pizzas and pagnottelli . While, for desserts, there will be cannoli and other Sicilian sweets from Il Catanese. To close with ice creams and coffee from Castroni , a historic institution in the capital.

If it seems too much, don’t be scared: to dispose of it all there will also be a large fitness area , curated by the Renato Costantini Boxing Academy, one of the oldest gyms in Rome. Inside it will be possible to meet the experts in the field and train by the lake. Admission costs 5 euros and entitles you to a tasting glass and the opportunity to participate in the free activities of the event. With another 5 euros you can buy a token, valid for tasting beers, while for street food the dishes start at 3 euros each.

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